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Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon.

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Just so you all know, particularly those of you with this kit or if your thinking of buying it. The first Aftermarket Clear Resin Canopy has been released.



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Decided that I would create my own Nose Art for this build, calling it after my Daughter Stephanies pet name when she was small. because she had a temper that could flair up at any moment we called her Iffy and Stephanie was shortened to Effie, so 'Iffy Effie' it was. I've made my own masks from Low Tack Frogtape and had cut out the design with a new Blade.


After putting down the basic Camo pattern on the Tiffy i transfered the design to one of the Engine Covers.


This was my first time making and using masks and i thought the result was good enough to encourage me to make more masks for the Roundels and Code Letters.


In this picture I've made a start on fading the paintwork, once i've painted and faded the underside I'll start on with the Roundels.


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