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Pair of Friends, Pair of Huns Pair o Dice UPDATE 10/6 Masks!

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Alright so some of you folks have been very non observant.. over two weeks ago I changed my  airplane pic in my sig.. then last week I changed my personal pic to the 90thTFS  "pair o dice"  logo.. then Ernie did, and THEN  some of you guys noticed...

Well, here we are. So here is what we are doing!

A brief background to the 90th in Vietnam:

The Squadron we chose to represent in the Group Build is the 90th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

The 90th Was Assigned to the 3rd Fighter Wing on 9 June 1964 and Flew the Hun from 9 June 64 to 19 November 1965 from Bien Hoa

From 3 February though the 10th of May 1965 the unit was detached.

From 3 February 66 through  31 Oct 1970 the unit flew from Bein Hoa and conducted the large proportion of its strike and interdiction work over South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.



 Ernie and I will be doing a first ever Buddy Build in a Group Build of the same kit, same materials same squadron of the F-100 D Super Saber.




 Trumpy Kit, Aires Super Set , LOTS of AMS Parts, Quickboost Refueling probe ,Zacto nose,  Master pPitot tube etc etc  custom art/ masks decals.


You guys kick back and relax.. we got this! :coolio:


 Now that Ernie has gotten all but  his IFR probe we can get  going.. Wish us luck folks..




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Here are some pics of what needs to be done.. LOTS of prep work..I Started in the Gear bays.  Basically you have to do some cutting, grinding,sanding, more grinding ,more sanding etc. then dry fit and you get some really excellent improvements especially in the wheel wells..















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Cockpit is almost a drop in fit, just remove the pour stub under the pit floor following Aires Directions. and clean up the pour stub under the seat  :)




Nose wheel gear Bay... fits really well after careful sanding and dry fitting.



Main fits really well too, just remove material SLOWLY and all fits as advertised








I then Washed all of the parts prior to breaking out a new can of my favorite primer to use on resin, Tamiya White Fine Surface Primer.


More soon! and Thanks for looking in on our builds.  :)



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Resin should be cleaned up like this before you start trying to dry fit or paint anything..then washed with hot soapy water or tire cleaner  , I know Brian( out2getcha)  used to use Whestly's Bleach White..I use Dish soap called DAWN totally clean, it leaves all the parts SQUEAKY clean with no residue after a good rinse. :)


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Thanks Martin!  I am not so worried about the rivets. By the time I hit it with Primer, then black, then Alclad, them Camo paint, they wont be as noticeable.. I am pretty sure Ernie is  going the same route.



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Man, really looking forward to this build! F-100 one of my all time favs. 




It was very hard for me to keep something as cool as this a secret for 3 weeks while Ernie went on vacation and waited for his stuff to get to him. I was very fortunate and was able to trade for my plane from Jack ( THANKS JACK!) / parts with Ernie ( thanks Ern) and have lots of support from Harold  at AMS  with research information and some outstanding new parts. (THANKS HAROLD!)  I hope Ernie and I can do justice to this outstanding airplane and the men who flew and maintained them.

 thanks for checking in on my build,


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