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Aerotech Macchi M52 Coming in September

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Just posting the following info from the Aerotech Update email from 4 July:

We now have the pattern for the 1/32nd Macchi M52 and we anticipate a release in September

There is something we need you help with. On some pictures, it appears that there is an 'M52' text just in front of the tailplane in a dark colour, maybe black?There should also be a serial number for each of the 3 versions and would be grateful if any of you have this information.

Work is progressing on the Napier Heston pattern and we are also currently doing the relevant changes on the DH88 Comet pattern to make the other versions.

Please note that run of AT32001CS S6B and AT32003 MC72 has now been completed and these will no longer be available.
John and Pam

Something else to save up for!


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Does anybody know if there is any project about a M.67 ? Love the W engine look and the tripale propeller, and i think that it has never been done in 1/32 model (nor any other scale if i am correct).

A collection of Macchi floatplanes with a M.39, M.52, M.67 and M.72 would be gorgeous !

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Ordered friday evening, received on tuesday ! (my wife has got it at the post office yesterday)

Very fast shipment and the kit is very neat ! It seems that Aerotech kits are better and better.


I'll try to make a review this weekend.

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