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WnW Sopwith Snipe - 17Sqn - Hawkinge - FINISHED!


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Once the fuselage was dry fit around the now completed pit, things still fit quite well with just hand pressure only:



























Then only issue (not really an issue actually) came when I dry fit the turtle deck with the rear pit wooden bulkhead installed, The issue was the turtle-deck fit perfect, but covers a lot of the stuff I just worked so hard to represent. NBD really, as in  this case, the internal/cockpit and framing detail work I did was so fun I didnt mind really all that much:















All around the fit just from dry fitting alone, seems some of the best Ive seen on any kit so far. Things just are kind of falling into place. It really does make for an enjoyable fun build. JUST what I have been needing.


For me, its the combination of WWI planes in general not needing any PE or AM for the pit really, their generally smaller size and more simplistic make-up, along with the precise molding, ease of construction, and SUPER high quality of parts, engineering and decals that make these kits so enjoyable.


More to follow, as I have tonight and tomorrow, and possibly Monday night, then I start some intensive after hrs work for a data center migration my company is working on.


Cheers guys and thanks for peeking in on me.

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Guest Peterpools


WOW ... Breathtaking work for sure - absolutely beautiful interior work

Keep 'em comimg


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Guest DannyVM



very nice work, and very nice wood-grain you goth there in the cockpit. :goodjob:


Maybe it's not really to the point regarding this progress, but it maybe give's you some idea's about the airplane itself.

I hope it wasn't add to this forum before, but here whe go.


Kermitt Weeks and his Sopwith Snipe








Hope it's ok that i posted it in you're topic Brian. :piliot:


And again, congrat's with you splendid work :thumbsup:





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There are a few guys here, whose work never fails to amaze me...yours is one of them. Beautiful work and application of skills and ingenuity...





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Teresa, Peter, thanks for the kind words. WnW make some great stuff, and they make their stuff enjoyable to the modeler, and easy to make us look good building their stuff!


On to more progress.................

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After sorting the cockpit, painting the top 1/2 of the tail skid, and gluing that in, I glued the fuse halves together permanently. This went as swimmingly as I had hoped, with 0 filler needed except for some think CA + microballoons to smooth out the marks I left using a rough sanding stick to get rid of the plastic "weld bead". Even the lower fuse seem seemed to clean up nicely, but I made sure I used some hot plastic weld on it, and it is now nice and smooth.........................


So I moved onto painting and installing the Vickers guns, ammo chutes and ammo feed chute, along with installing and leveling the elevator and stab:















The gun mounts, guns and ammo chutes seemed to turn out good with very little effort on my part. Although a lot will again be covered by the Snipes bodywork, I think the Vickers add to the busy/detailed look of the overall pilots area:















After I got the fuselage glued together and smooth, I glued the turtle deck on. This too went about as smooth as I could have hoped, falling in line with how the rest of the build has pretty much gone.


Here I have the turtle deck glued on permanently, but the cowl is just setting there, dry fit, with 0 pressure or tape on it. Even with my ham-fists involved, somehow the cowl still fits this good:















Thinking about the cowl, reminded me that in order to eventually get it glued in place as well, I need to get the engine installed. Which meant I needed to start the engine.




I got a decent start on the Bentley. This is MM steel on the main housing, with some MM aluminum added to the steel for the push rod covers for a lighter hue, and some darker MM titanium added to the steel on the intakes for a darker hue. I just barely have a start on the engine wiring as well.


When looking at the pictures of the Bentley BR.2, you see the ignition wiring is semi-kinked, and slightly wavy looking, as apposed to a straight/taught wire from the ignition ring to the plug. So with this in mind, I used some super thin jewelers wire, as apposed to EZ Line as I have done in the past.

I still have to install the other 1/2 of the ignition wires, clip all of them to size, then will re-touch some of the brass areas, and will finish detail painting the spark plugs:











All for now lads and lasses!



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