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BSG 1/32 Viper Mk II (new pics 25/04/16)

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Aw shucks, thanks guys...


It sure does brighten your day when a project is coming along the way you envisioned it would :D . Heartening to hear you folks like how she is coming together.


Maru5137 - Happy you liked my little $10 Moonwalker.  Need to work on the blending of the shadows on white and I'm sorely temped to attack the figure with white oil paints but the very tiny sane part in my brain says to 'Just leave it alone!' Sometimes it pays to just say enough and try better next time….


Sparzanza - Nothing special about the application of the pastels.  I Use a lot of the Tamiya weathering sets. ( Tamiya have some very cool metallic pastels which work great on exhausts! )  The pastels seem to have some kind of binder mixed in and I just rub an old no 1 paint brush on the little pad of Tamiya colour until some of the colour has got on the brush them rub it on the model where I want to stain the finish.  If I am using the artist stick pastels I just rub on the end of the stick until some colour comes off and apply the same way.  I do sometimes use the AK or Vallejo weather powders in the little pots.   Then its already a loose powder so bush into pot, tap off most of the powder off and then rub on model. ( Messy but the colour are pretty vibrant ;) )  You will need a dead flat finish of the pastels won't stick at all.  


Because I'm not subtle I stop often an try and not over do it.  I do know that once I shoot a thin coat of Testers dull coat to seal it all in I'll lose some intensity but I do have a history of being ham fisted about going too far. IHTH




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I've finished more kits this year than in multiple years past combined.


This is a really nice kit!  I'm hanging out to start the Cylon Raider next :D :D :D


I hope you like the Viper MkII




Tried to get some more action into my pics.










I'm thinking of ways to put a proper mounting armature into the Cylon Raider so I can do some composite shots.


Thanks for dropping in for a look.



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I'm getting ready for Model Expo early this year.  I have spruced up the old Viper and got a brass name plate for her.

Thought I'd enter some kits in different divisions just for grins.  Looking forward to the Expo as I didn't get to go last year.


New Pics.










It will be fun to have some kits scattered all over the display tables :D


Thanks for looking in.



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