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WnW Roland D.VIb


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My local club, Scale Models Wellington IPMS has commenced its annual BSK (Build the Same Kit) competition. We have 8 weeks to build one of the kits selected from a vote by club members last week.


The 1/32 scale aircraft nominated was the WnW Roland D.VIb or D.VIa.  I chose the b and have made a good start this Queen's birthday weekend and like the colour scheme from the box top.





I have done most of the work for the cockpit and engine bay but still need to add the control cables.


The cockpit sides were painted Tamiya XF-3 Yellow then overpainted (brush) with thinned XF-59 Desert Yellow. Once this was dry I used a stiff brush to add some grain effect to the interior with XF10 Red Brown. The cockpit has a light wash of White Flory wash.


The engine bay is painted with XF-76 Gray Green (IJN) and washed with Flory Black wash.


Seatbelts are from the kit and painted Mr Hobby H85 Sail and washed with Flory Grime wash to add some depth. 








This is a great kit to build and so far has exceeded my expectations. You need to carefully work out what to do next but the fit and quality of the parts is amazing.


Hopefully I can get the fuselage sealed up this afternoon - after the control cables are added, and then apply the lozenge to the wings.


I've painted the wings Gloss White but am open to suggestions for another less vivid colour under the lozenge decals if that suits better.

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IMG_7553.jpgControl cables in place but nearly invisible.


First plywood undercolour applied. It is a mix of XF-3 and XF-59. It looks like a Mustard or Sand colour. I will add a blotchy thin spray of XF-59 tomorrow to add some more depth and then use the stiff brush with XF-10 or oil colours to simulate the wood grain.




The wing is Gloss White to apply the lozenge decals to. Wing is not permanently attached. The engine fits in and will be added after fuselage painting completed.





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First application of "wood-grain".  I added some patches of slightly darker and lighter patches over the fuselage and then used a stiff dry-brush method to apply the first "wood-grain" over the fuselage.


I'll let it dry overnight and probably add some light "dry-bush" grain sparsely over it then follow that up with either clear yellow or clear orange. It looks a bit dark so it will probably clear yellow.



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A day's work.


Clear yellow applied to the fuselage this morning and then into the underside lozenge.


It is the wrong lozenge because I didn't understand the instructions and applied the correct lozenge span-wise. It didn't look right and after a few minutes worked out that you are supposed to cut the decals and apply them cord-wise.


I haven't wasted any of this lozenge decals but there doesn't appear to be enough to cover the underside of the ailerons.


Tailplane and engine are not permanently attached yet.


Top surfaces of the wing will get the lozenge decal treatment tomorrow.




The WnW lozenge decals are sensational. When you first apply them they don't look supple enough to lay down over the ribs and other odds and sods. But when they dry they suck down really well. Most impressed.


Needless to say I am enjoying building this sensational model.

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Wings are decaled and the rib tapes on the upper surfaces. Obviously still some trimming to do before turning them over and doing the under sides.

Fuselage decorations in place and the hatches and fittings on one side have their first coat of Grey Green.



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A lot of work on this kit over the weekend for little result but that's the nature of this stage of a build.


Rib tapes completed. They didn't like to stick to the lozenge decals but after stopping and applying a coat of clear over the lozenge, the rib tapes went on well.




I made a mess of the white band so stripped it with Ammonia and got some large splotches on the wood work. A quick rub back, paint Yellow, then light cover of Desert Yellow and then dry-brushed brown for the wood-grain it was back to looking good until I masked it for the white and black and some peeled off, hence the patches that I will finish repairing tomorrow.




She is nearly ready for assembly. Just got to do the guns and other fittings on the forward fuselage before putting the top wing on and then onto the rigging. Joy oh joy.

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