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United Nations Cosmo Navy Destroyer Yukikaze


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Well, I decided to take a quick break from the AWV GB and build something less involved:




This is the recent release from Bandai in their Mecha Collection series of small scale ships from the recent Space Battleship Yamato 2199 anime series. I remember watching the English dubbed version which was called Star Blazers weekday mornings and then running to school so I wouldn't be late. 


It's a small snap kit, but has quite a bit of detail to it:




Oh yeah, it's molded in colour too with the parts breakdown based on the main colour scheme.:





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Here's the last sprue shot:




I wish other manufacturers would copy the way that Bandai uses cutouts to label the sprue (here A2) so that they're easier to locate. 


And these are all the parts after a quick coat of paint. I used Vallejo white grey for the forward hull, Tamiya XF-3 yellow and XF-7 red for the rear hull and uh, wings:




Here's the forward hull together:




I painted in the bridge windows with Vallejo periscope. This is with the rear hull and stabilizers attached:



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And we're finished!




All in, it probably took me just over an hour to get this completed. I may do a panel wash as that will highlight some of the details a bit better.


Yeah, a nice refreshing break. No PE, no resin, no cement even. Just a (small) pile of plastic and some satisfaction.



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