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This was built from the 21st Century Ju 87B/R kit. The kit was a gift from a friend (thanks again, Brad!), and included included a resin Bf 109E seat with belts molded in of unknown origin that worked like a charm to replace the kit's bulky, inaccurate pilot's seat. Eduard's color Zoom set was also used to enhance the cockpit a little. 


Paint is the new Humbrol RLM 70 & 71 for the base topside camo, Testors Model Master RLM 65 for the undersides, and a mix of Model Master RLM 79 and Floquil Mud for the "Italian Sand" oversprayed on the topsides. The Eduard cockpit PE is a color closer to RLM 66 than 02, so I went with 66 for the whole cockpit so it all matched (even though the cockpit probably should have been 02).


The red snake decals, however accurate/inaccurate the red may be, are from the old Tally Ho! 32001-2 sheet. I used these red snakes just because I like the look the red snakes better. Blame that on the old Revell boxart. The Tally Ho! sheet's crosses and other markings were not proportioned properly, so the kit's decals were used for everything except the snakes.















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This very tempting to build one too...


M-U-S-T-R-E-S-I-S-T :help:



First things first (aka the WIP GB entries). But a 21st Cent Stuka is waiting in the stash with all goodies too B)


Thank you for sharing!

- dutik

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