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1/32 Hasegawa FW190A8, KG200, Mistel 2

Rick K

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Phase 1 of my Mistel 2 build.  Have not started the Ju88 with exception of cleaning some of the AIMS resin parts.  Will post when I begin the Ju88.





My kit will be Hasegawa's FW190A8.  Perhaps one of the nicest box art renderings to date.  I just love the artwork showing lead pilot focusing on what appears to be navigation while the other two pilots hold the formation.  Not a Schwarm only 3 aircraft shown, am I correct?


This build will be Fw Rudi Riedl's mount.  KG200 Tirstrup, Denmark.  Mistel 2.



Prepping pit for Eduard photoetch.  Untouched pit sits next to pit under revision for a nice comparison.  Seat back rails is styrene "I" beam, left/right and center console cut out to accept PE replacement.



PE test fitted before glue and round one of paint.  Will have to paint before seat and belts installed.  Will use blown canopy from a D9 on this.

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Got some bench time in pardon the dust.



Tub primed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black.  Bulkhead panels and side panels added.  More fun with PE.  Shown is starboard fuselage with PE parts added.  Orginal kit dash cut away, PE dash replacement shown along with IP, pedals and canopy actuator. 


About 4 PE parts for port side of fuselage and the dashboard surgery then I will hit with primer and RLM66.  Then begin the IP and belts.



Close up show detail of map case.  I added some styrene rods on transmission floor and lead wire for pedal links.



Pedals and canopy actuator wheel assembly.  Will do initial painting in the tub.  Mount these and continue paint.

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Been really slow on the bench lately.  My knee is not cooperating with long seated sessions.  Flexibility is improving.


Ok, to work at hand.  Ignition wires required some drilling with a .35mm bit on the engine cylinder heads and harness.  Wire is from a telephone cord.







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Instrument panel will be slightly modified to accept gauges and throttle for the Ju88.


First step is to add a center panel for Ju88 RPM and Oil Pressure gauges.  Based on photographs I'm will make it close.  Enter FICE clause here.


Using a .05mm styrene sheet, Air Scale Bezels and MDC decals I measured the panel then added appropriate gauges to panel.





Adding the bezels was a test of will.  Used Future to adhere then touched again with CA.  Not sure if I like the alignment, will make judgement after a coat of paint.

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Ju88 throttle control will be placed on the left panel just below the FW190 throttle.


I cut a thin strip of styrene and glued a scrap PE.  Then using .30mm drill I drilled two holes for the throttle controls.  After placing .30mm rods I trimmed then flattened with smooth pliers.  Using white glue to make the knobs.





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Had some bench time this weekend, slowly making progress. 



FW190 throttle made from styrene strip and rod.  Primer with Mr. Surfacer 1200.



Ju88 engine RPM and Oil Pressure panel painted, instrument decals added then some Vallejo "Still Water" to dials.



FW190 throttle control painted and glued in place.  Ju88 throttle controls painted and ready to be glued on port cockpit panel.  Ju88 engine RPM and Oil Pressure panel test fitted with tape.  Will glue after seat/belts/control stick and wiring added.

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Some pit work completed.  Wiring looms, Ju88 throttle controls added.  Need some work on the autopilot control.  Hope to apply matt varnish then button up the fuselage in a few days.  Really need to jump into the Ju88 if I want to finish this by mid 2015.


The port harness will be added later as it will be draped over the fuselage. 







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I was not happy with the results of the Ju88 Autopilot and Fuel Tank switches.  At a LHS I found this in the Armour section.





Perfect solution for the FW190 pit.  This also solves fuel and electrical connector/coupling issue "FW190 to the Ju88."



FW190 pit prior to change.



With connectors/couplings added a little paint and matt varnish.








Fuselage is buttoned up.  Sanding and scribing on deck.

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