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A4 Skyhawk my first 1/32 adventure

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Hey guys, thank you for letting me take part in this build, I really appreciate it! after a few visit's to Mike R's house and seeing his stuff he finally convinced me to try my hand at a 1/32 kit. I have a few goals for this build, one of them is to try my hand at super detailing a cockpit and landing gear, also I's like to try my hand at the salt chipping method. Otherwise this will be built right out of the box


-Hasegawa A4 Skyhawk

-Eduard photo etch "remove before flight" hang tags


On it's way

-Eduard canopy mask's

-Steel Beach intake plugs


for whatever reason I can't paste photo's from my photo bucket account into this post, but my build is underway!

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Welcome to the group build. From Photobucket click on the Image url and copy and paste it into your text box ( the one you type in here). Please re-size any pictures not to exceed 800x600. Good luck with your Skyhawk! 


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The Hasegawa Scooter is still a great kit. Much better undercarriage than the newer Trumpeter release, which I've avoided.


Best of luck




P.s. I have myriad issues with PB, not least of which is its refusal to *obey* my PC and upload images. The PC works well with *everything* else. I am obliged to send emails to myself with the attach images downloaded from my camera so that I may upload them to PB via iPad and then post them here. Very time consuming and annoying!

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