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1/35 UH-1C Gunship- DONE!!!

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As a companion build to my F-5C, here is one a little more straight forward. 




I had forgotten about this kit in the stash. Upon opening the box, I noticed that I had started a bit of the cockpit. Mostly I had removed some of the panels in front for replacement with PE. So this definitely is less than 25% done.




You can just make out the replacement PE panels on the left side of the box.



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All these Hogs and Rhinos - I love it! :wub:  Yet another great choice Carl :speak_cool:





Cool, another Huey. I'll be checking this out.



Looking forward to your build Carl, this should be a fun one. I will be watching it for sure!


Teresa  :)


Thanks everyone! I think I found the reason I didn't go any further with the build originally. The PE sets are in a word, fussy. There's a lot of tiny bits that made my wife ask:


1) can I even make them out individually, never mind pick them up and place them




2) if I was sure this was a hobby and not some sort of mind torture.


With that in mind, I've decided to bin most of the PE and build it using mostly the kit plastic. I'll use it where it makes sense and doesn't make me pull my hair out or worse, want to drop the model horizontally  :whistle: 


So I hope to have some progress shortly on this. This was after all, suppose to be the easy build of the two.



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A small update.


I've been slowly working on the PE belts for this kit. There are a lot of them and every one has three or more parts to them. Since there is so much glass in a Huey and the rear doors are usually open, I didn't feel like I had much choice in not doing them.




Except for the small size of the PE buckles and some of the straps, they actually went together easier than I thought they would. I did break up their assembly over several sessions at the work bench which I think helped too. 


I assembled the basic interior components and airbrushed everything neutral grey. I think it may be a bit light but I'm fine with it. The centre console I painted flat black and then highlighted using some Tamiya Weathering Master grey. I did a bit on the floor with some light mud too.




Last pic is the co-pilot's seat with the PE armour in place.




The seat is not complete as you have to add some bits after the belts go on. So i think some paint will be forthcoming.



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I've built one of these with PE, and you're spot on. My advice is use what you can and bin the rest. Looking forward to seeing this one come out.



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Thanks for all the interest in this build. I haven't had much time to build recently but hopefully should be able to get back to it this week.


I did receive some Live Resin replacement barrels for the M-134s so that has helped spur me on a bit too.



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