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1/6th Scale SAS Jeep

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Niiiiice.  I have the European version of that jeep.  An awful lot of plastic for the $$.


I saw a doco on the SAS operations conducted after D-Day a few nights ago.  They were in one of those jeeps laying down some fire from the Vickers guns with the thick glass shield in between the guns.  I was quite surprised at how little recoil there was with bursts and the very high rate of fire.


In an interview with a veteran he said said they were discovered in their forest hiding place by some Germans who then chased after them in a staff car.  I gather as they did the runner in their fully armed jeep, they ended up in the centre of some French town.  Apparently there were German tanks, soldiers and all sorts of other materiel in the town.  They just weaved their way in and out of the various German units who were too stunned to fire at them until they'd driven through the town and out the other side towards their own lines.  One hell of a story to tell.  Simply amazing bravado.    


Cheers Matty

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What a great build. It looks real and reminds me of my very young days.


The jeep looks so much like the one my Dad bought in the 60's and took us deer hunting in, rust and all (when Dad bought it it was painted red inside and dark blue green outside, but the rust is the same and became the primary color). It had a metal top, which my brother hit his head upon as we went over too many boulders off road in the wilds of Utah. My brother eventually said "Stop, I'm going outside to walk". OK, we didn't use Lewis guns on the deer, nor have as many reserve tanks, but Dad had several single shot deer rifles (a Mauser and a British 303 war surplus with his crazy hand made stocks).


Thanks for the memories,


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Miniature figures, large WINGY thingys and Armor.. What can't you do?!


That's an amazing SAS Jeep...beautifully detailed. :wow:


......you have a knack for precision work.. Awesome ....


I think your next project should be a LANCASTER seeing live there!


KUDOS on a brilliant modeling achievement.



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