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Swiss Bf109G

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Thanks for your nice comments !


Here are the last pictures, as i have finished it today.


The MDC spinner and the propeller with the white double band :




As i cant choose if i should make it with the canopy open (nice to show the cockpit) or closed (better to preserve the nice lines of the aircraft), i've made a custom micro hinge for the canopy.

I have to modify a bit the canopy (i have carved a groove in the thickness of the clear part), quite risky, but i have an extra canopy from another kit, so i have another chance if i have destroyed it.

The hinge is made of brass micro tube (0.6mm) with an axe made of 0.4mm nickel rod. The tube is cut in 3 parts, two small parts at the extremities, glued to the fuselage, and the center part glued to the canopy. It was a paint to make it functional, as moving it was often leading to brake the glue. But with enough cuting of the canopy part, it now works great ! And it is not so noticeable from the outside. (the real stuff also has this kinf of hinge, visible from the right side).


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Here are the quickboost exhausts, far better from the kit ones. The kit ones can be nice, but you have to carve all the exhaust tubes, so i prefer use resin ones, it's less time consuming.



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only one word : terrible !!!!!!! . the paint is clean , the weathering subtle , and a good choice of paint scheme .....du Zero 77 pur jus !!!!!!!!!!!!

bye Alain 

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Neat model~!  and what an eye-catching scheme.

You did an excellent job on this one, and in such a short time!


Congratulations. It can be proudly displayed among all those other beauties in your glass cabinet!





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