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Swiss Bf109G

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No pictures at the moment, but i create the topic to give myself a reason to shot pictures !

It is the Hasegawa G-14 kit, with only an Aires cockpit and the Kora decals (but i may use custom masks and even make a scheme that is not on the decal sheet).


At the moment, i've started to prep some parts, sand the fuselage interior and prepare and painted the resin cockpit.

I'll post pictures as soon as possible !


I know the deadline is June the 1st, but i want this build to be a fast and easy build. I know the kit to be quite simple and modeller friendly, so i think it could be done in less than 1 month.

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Sorry for the late pictures.


Here they are :


First, i've used a MDC spinner set :




And the first pictures of my aires cockpit. I've made too much scratches for a swiss airplane, i think, so i've touched it up later.




The aires cockpit set is, as usual, very crispy and easy to paint. Though, i had to add a few handles on the throttle, that are not made in this set.

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THank you Hakan !


A few next steps.


I've used the MDC MG chutes. They are very cheap, easy to use and a great addition to the kit.






Then i noticed that i have misinterpreted the bulges on the wings. I though they were embossed in the mass of the panel, so i have made a smooth joint with some putty and sanded it smooth. (i know, i lacks some good references for the 109.... but i will buy some books soon about it).

So to correct my mistake, i've made a template with some spare bulge from another kit, and rescribed it.





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Then the painting :


First, a light coat of alclad primer :



Then the preshading :



THen i've painted the camo, but sorry i forgot to shot some pictures. I've only taken this one, with already some maskings on (to make the neutrality stripes). I know the camo is not very nice on those visible parts, but i dont care, they will be hidden by the stripes.

Damn this was a pain to make all this masking ! (almost all the plane is covered by red and white stripes) :



THen some coats of white (gunze gloss off-white + tamiya flat black, to make it semi-gloss and semi-off too, as i dont want it to be too bright). All the areas with stripes, red or white, received those coats of white, because the red will seriously need a light undercoat as it is a very translucent color :


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Then i begin to mask for the red stripes and the crosses. I've made the swiss markings with adhesive vinyl instead of using the decals, so i'm sure to have exactly the same white, no support film, and the same technique than the one used for the real thing :



Then a first coat of red (mix of tamiya gloss red and gunze flat red, to make it semi-gloss, as it was for the white). I noticed that with the white undercoat, the result was quite pinky.



So i've make a slight coat of yellow. It was very thin, just to give a better undercoat for the red and make it more "red" :



And then after one more coat of red, here is the final result, a nice deep red :




Next step, painting the letters markings, then a coat of gloss varnish, decaling, and wheathering.

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Here is the real aircraft :




I know there are a few inaccuracies, but too bad i've noticed them too late (the rudder is not the same type)

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An almost finished model, with masked and airbrushed markings in less than 2 weeks????  This is insane!

I wish i could work that good and that fast!



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Thanks !


I have started builded a few sub-assemblies, gluing the half-wings, the tail and sanding the inside fuselage a few weeks before here and there when i was building my P-47, so i have not made this in two weeks but rather 3 or 4 weeks. Now i've put aside the jug for a few weeks, i can work on the 109 full time.

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I've corrected as better as i can the rudder inaccuracy. I've just cut the 2 little "flaps" (sorry i dont know the name) and sand it the cleaner i can, and then repainted it.

It's far from perfect, but it is better.


I took the opportunity to paint the forward part of the rudder that i havent painted the first time. I dont know if it was painted in real, on most pictures of swiss 109, it is unpainted, as the rudder must have been painted while on the plane, but on the picture posted earlier, this parts looks much darker than the tail grey, so i interpret it to be red.


I've also painted the code. I'm not satisfied with the J, i find it too fat on the bottom right side, i may touch it up later.







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