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Bf-109 G-6 Trumpeter

Nic C.D.

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So, the production line of 109's is in full production. With kits of Hasegawa, Revell and Eduard done or almost done, I was curious about the Trumpeter kits. In this build, I will try to do a G-6 nightfighter.


This Trumpeter 109 has many parts for cockpit and engine; you can build the engine quite easily. I plan to have the 3 engine panels open on this build, so I've started with what I like best; scratching details:




Fit is really good and the kit is a very good base if you want to go far in detail. Fortunately, a lot of info and photos are available in books and on the web.




A testfit of the engine with a little extra detail. A lot more has to be added, though. I often tape the kit together to see what effect it has and what needs to be added.


Here's a close-up:




Some of the lines have Tamiya tape around them to get a slight difference in diameter. I pulled some really thin sprues for the small lines, some are barely visible. The sink marks on the insides of the covers will be a problem I have to deal with. They are in difficult spots... I still have to glue those typical bulges on the fuselage and add detail as well.  


Anyway, this one won't be an out of box one, like the G-10. 


Hope you like her!



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Awesome detailing.


Which nightfighter are you going for ? I've got the same kit - albeit straight oob, except for extended rudder - in the painting phase as Manfred Dieterle's Yellow 1 striped JG300 bird


Man, the speed you build 109's with is staggering (but cool - I love 109's)

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Yep, another one ... I'm really enjoying myself with these 109s ! Thomas, I'm not 100% sure yet. I hesitate between a few of them.


First is Yellow 7 of JG300, a roughly painted one with lots of black patches and a partly oversprayed yellow rudder.

Second choice is Yellow 4, also JG300  (not sure) with black horizontal wavy lines over the fuselage

Third possibility is Red 6, a very dark mottled JG300 machine, flown by Arnold Döring. 


So, not sure about that, but I have time, right?


Thanks for stopping by!



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  • 3 weeks later...

At last a little progress on the G-6 nightfighter - added a few extra details and painted the cockpit and engine.  I think I have to paint and wash a little more and put a little more work in it. Also, the empty amo feeds have to be added. But, nearly there. And once closed-up, painting isn't far away!


Here are some photos of it so far:






Still have to do the instrument panel...


Here is the other side of the cockpit:








This is what the engine looks like when the fuselage is closed. Of the cockpit, not so much is seen, but it looks not bad at all.




It's fun to see the kit grow. The G-10 was a quick build compared to this. And this Trumpeter kit has a very good fit too, really impressive. 


Hope you like the work !



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  • 1 month later...

It's been some time - busy at the office and working on quite a few modelling projects - but I had some time to get the G-6 ready for paint. A little putty here and there, nothing too dramatic, everything is looking okay. 


This is the last photo of the kit without paint! The panels look a bit off, but they are just together for now; they will be opened in the end.




I'm going to do the Yellow 7 of JG300 Wilde Sau. Can't wait to get starting on that with grey, black and yellow paint - now I just have to get a free night! 


Hope to be back soon!



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I got some paint on the kit. I'm rather pleased with this kit - the rivets give it a nice extra. If the announced G-10 is as nice as this one, I will sure try to build it ! But first, this G-6: I painted the fuselage and the underside - well it's just black... (I'll do the top side of the wings later, I have to get some more paint) 




The scheme is rather complex, but it's fun to do. Basic camo to start with, early style cross that is partly sprayed over. The yellow rudder has some black spray on it too and the number is sprayed out. I have to put a "yellow 7" on it in a next step. 




I still have to weather the fuselage to make it look a bit real, but that's the fun!

I detailed the engine and opened up the access panels. This is what it looks like from above: 




A couple more shots:






Next are the wings, weathering and details. I hope I don't mess it up now!


Thanks for stopping by!



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  • 2 months later...

This is the Trumpeter G-6 in 1/32. Since my last post I've made some progress, but the kit isn't finished yet. 

This is what it looks like now:




The wings got painted and the yellow "7" was placed on it. Next, I'll do the exhaust stains and the overspray of the "7" in black. 

And because the engine covers are open, it needs some maintenance, right? Here is one of the technicians, sitting on the aircraft and taking a break from the work on the G-6's engine...




Hope you like it!



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