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Lee White

Spook..... I am your Phather......

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Just found this thread/ build .



:wow: I am very impressed by your talented work.


It's really amazing seeing your work ...this is quite a lovely build ..

Will be following it....



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Wow, wow, wow, this is nuts. Planking a jet...amazing! :)




Where have you been? Locked in a secret chamber? Guys who make and fly flying models have been making scratch built models stick and tissue and stick and planks ever since the Demon first made its appearance in real  life.

It is, unfortunately, the plastic kit builders who cannot scratch build a flat panel.

Go to a hobby store and buy some flying model magazines. Model Airplane News, Flying models,  

In fact, the earliest scale models of airplanes were stick and tissue models of real flying airplanes. These were made before 1910. In fact, I remember walking in to General George Washington's HQ on December 25, 1776, and he was making a scratchbuilt scale flying model of an aeroplane at the time.

I asked him when I saw what he was doing and asked him how can he do that since airplanes wont be invented for another 130 years or so. 

George looked up at me and red faced, said, "Oh. this is pointless then. So call the troops together and we will go over to New Joisey and kick the Hessians butt."

You didn't know that did you?

Now you know the value of this forum. You loin lots of gud stuff what youse didn't knows before. 


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