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1/32 Texan/Harvard down Under

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I was chatting with Roy Sutherland of Barracuda Studios (Barracuda Decals and Barracudacast) and informed him about the commonality of parts between the Texan and P-51 Mustang.  While the commonality may be for post war aircraft, what about during war time?  Were the seats, tires (main wheels and tail) the same?  What other P-51 Mustang parts could be used?  I ask since they offer a nice range of products and interior stencils for the Mustang.



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That's a very good question. I believe the wartime commonality is there too jugding by pictures in T-6 maintenance manuals and contemporary photographs. On my Harvard build I used Brassin Mustang wheels to which I then added covers since the KH wheels are clearly very wrong.







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According to my knowledge - the mustang and Texan wheel hubs are the same. Tyres obviously varied a fair bit so you would have to see what you want to model in that regard, tyres with tread or the more plain Texan tyres.

The tailwheels are not the same - BUT I dont know about the hub, but its such a small piece that you could probably get away with using alternatives.

I have never seen a Mustang with a Texan style tailwheel - presumably Mustangs needed something more solid and hence the squared off harder rubber wheel.


Max, I got my Harvard Mk1 vacform set and although Im not into Harvard Mk1's at all, I got quite interested in this and decided I would build it, so have started this. Do you reckon its worth making a build log for? Just trimming out the pieces for vacform deserves a medal in itself!

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I recently started my commission build of the Texan T-6. In 2016 he bought the real aircraft in Sweden. After a extensive re-paint, the T-6 is now in the Dutch Marine colors, with approval.


This is the Texan T-6 in the new colors during the first flight after the re-paint. 




I started my build and your work is great and very inspiring.



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