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1/32 Texan/Harvard down Under

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Hi All.

well my 2 Texans should be arriving in a few days and then I want to get busy immediately.

One of them I want to do with a lot of interior detail visible - including side covers off so that the cockpit is visible from the sides, and the 2nd all closed up and together, and maybe even "in flight" so a lot of parts wont even be used.


In both cases I will not be using any of the weapons at all.

Not sure if I would do the first one with cowling off as well  - or maybe half the cowling off (or a third to be exact)


Schemes. Most likely SAAF (South African) Dayglo scheme form the 1980s with sprinbok insignia.

Despite the amazing decals provided for "Deb" I may just choose to do the other one in some other South African scheme, like a target tug or ? dont know.


I doubt I will be using many of the SAAF decals supplied for 7111 as the colouration looked a bit off, but will have a good look when i get the kits.


I would like to get the Vector engine when they have stock again.

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PS - another project Im just starting is making Large scale Harvards for the purpose of making fibreglass moulds for RC.

This may start with 1/7 or 1/5 scale and may also do a 1/3 scale.

Not sure if anyone would like me to make a build log on this forum or if this is only for plastic models?

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OK - broke one part - one of the scissors shackle parts - wasnt being careful enough. this plastic is not like Tamiya or Hasegawa plastic, more waxy and soft brittle.

and one thing that became apparent immediately was the need to have to wash all the sprue with a brush and detergent - some silicone type oily covering on everything - some places more than others - so thats next

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Just also noticing that when viewing the fuselage from the side, the airofoil shaped cutout where the wing will go really looks to have a high point - almost a little lump - not the smooth airofoil shape it should have. I will take a photo. anyway - nothing you can do about that. I will see if this has any effect on final visual impression.


another area that is suspect is the curvature of the rear canopy where it joins the fuselage - just too round  - should be of similar curacture to the canopy itself.


The hinge line on the baggage door is hardly there - it needs a bit more definition than what they have given, I will scribe it a bit.

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Looking forward to your assessments! 


I have been 'playing' with the landing gear, adding details.  I also moved outboard their mounting points by eliminating the molded mounts.  So now, I need to create a strong spar since I am adding a prototypical trunnion to the main gear legs.



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OK - finished washing all the parts - bit of a job. had to be really careful not to break the thin parts or loose something down the drain.

The water was a bit dirty afterwards - or lets say - not transparent any more - so i guess it did a good job.

The parts feel better now.

Even did the clear parts

Even washed the decals ..... Doh! No i didn't :)

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