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Trumpeter Favourites

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My first Trumpy was the Miig -15    and I just "Ground" on it til it resembled a FAGOT


Have built the EE Lightning And Have 3 more in the build mill including a Whirlybird T5 conversion

Took 2 1/2 years to try my first Super Detail on a F-105 G and added pilots to an model in a "Take-Off" flight display

The Mig-21MF was a mf.............Ground it into submission to look like a Polish 3rd SQN Black Ravens

I have a LOAD of kits and I do not use photo etch or much resin unless it it a conversion set,and I have only done 1

resin set on a 1/48 P-47N


  Lightning my Favorite and plan on building at least 2 this year including the T5

 I have to purchase the F-100F kit and build my F-105G as an E for my WILD WEASEL collection


I'm looking forward to the Mig-19 I have and "The HIND"........one bad..s looking BEAST        


WHO ELSE WOULD HAVE DONE THESE ...........3Harriers?......acouple of Flankers on the BAR-B...,.T- Chief's and HUNS......Intruder? YEAH RIGHT.


My only complaint is they need to be more accurate and less loaded with stuff ..........make the engine kits for the AM an lower the initial cost of the kit or


we will have to buy a subscription to pay on. monthly payments.  Get the shape right first


If the  detailers want engines, gun bays, and stuff that is so buried in the real thing you can't see it stop putting it in the basic kit and make Detail Sets


 Kinda reverse Eduard,  Start with kit make detail set........it's coming I think.......I can't pay 200 USD on just the kit an not use 1/2 of it?


I'll Shut -up



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Well like Jack said.....who in the 32nd scale world would have thought we would ever be "showered" with these kits we did not dare dream of, at least i did, having these "visions" of Crusaders, Avengers, Bearcats and all the soviet stuff in our scale presented to us....so, knowing there ARE discrepancies and shortcomings but in general i'm very pleased with trump products


just my two p's.......Jack.....

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Marauder Jack, Oh, don't worry, my Brit-only rule is completely self inflicted! If I was honest, anything that flies would be potential subject matter for me, but i have to draw a line somewhere! Of course, the minute anyone sets a limit, the temptation to bust it is overwhelming!!



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