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Revell P-47 Lt. O. Pedromo

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Well, I finally scored a bubble top P-47.  An old Revell P-47D.

      As I understand Lt. Pedromo actually scored his "Ace in a Day" in a P-47N so I will be doing a few things to give the appearance of an N from the D.  I am building this model as a gift for my youngest son, as he is graduating from Berkley with his teaching credentials.           He loves history, and I am hoping to build a display case for this so he can have it in his classroom.  I think he will appreciate the pilot's history, heritage, and accomplishments during the closing moments of World War II.

     I will probably clip the wing tips and add a dorsal fin for the upgrade, other than that and maybe some masking tape seat belts this will probably totally OOB.  Nice change from all the Mustangs, as this is the first time I have ever built one of these.

      I am looking for the nose art and the fuselage numbers (146) in 1/32 if somebody has an extra set they want to sell for "Lil Meatie's Meat Chopper"

Here is a snapshot of the box, and what the first nights work turned out.









Thanks for looking in.


Happy Modeling!!!


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Ahhhh Ok You said "Meat Chopper" on the Decal Request, and I had no idea you were doing an "N" as you just said P-47 bubble top, so I didn't put two and two together.. I have your decals IM me your address and good luck with the conversion!

That's going to be a hell of a lot of work to fix the wings. They aren't simply clipped they are longer and shaped differently at the wingtips, landing gear track is wider, ailerons are different shape,  etc etc....  Maybe somebody has a set of Jerry Rutman's  "N" wings in their stash you can pick up since there is a Trumpeter N out now and Jerrys parts were actually designed for the Revell  kit or his complete conversion. :)


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