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1/32nd Pilatus PC-7 from Scratch - 07/04 Spinner & Air Intakes

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Honest to God that I've never built anything from scratch before, LOL  but thanks a lot for the good vibe!!


Here's a little more progress from the weekend. This time I spent a few hours measuring, tracing and creating the nose landing gear well.  For now this is just the basic, empty box which will have to be spiced up with structural detail, piping and wiring to more or less make it look the part but   .......that will be a challenge for another time!


Again, I didnt have scale drawings of the bottom of the plane so I had to kind of eye-ball it with some not so sharp pictures of the in-flight aircraft showing up its belly.  Interestingly enough (for me, at least!) was the fact that, when i created the cockpit layout I didnt even think about how it would "interact" with the wheel well. Of course, when I tried to fit everything into my test fuselage I realized those two components overlap. I made a square hole, hoping it would do the job and to my surprise, the thing fit so well as if I had planned it, hahaha.. Rookie's luck I guess!


So many pictures for such a little achievement, huh?  Sorry about that!





















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When I tried my first take at the empennage, it ended in failure. I layered 3 or 4 sheets of plasticard for the horizontal stabilizer and elevator and started sanding them to shape. First mistake! I used the wrong glue (Tenax) so there wasn't a strong bond between the layers. As i sanded away, the top layers started flaking. As wise as I thought I was I said, no problem, and covered them with thin styrene, glued on with 2-part epoxy. In a way, the trick worked but i ended with very thick components.  Not too happy at all.


Take #2.  Many many moons later, I gave the thing a second thought. I cut the shape of the horizontal tail as a single piece of thicker plasticard and added a basic skeleton of square strip styrene, thicker in the middle, thinner towards the leading and trailing edges. Then filled it in with Milliput and after it dried, sanded it to shape. A couple of extra passes with bondo and I got a smooth surface. After that, I used the old trick again and covered them up, this time with .010" styrene sheet and again glued it with 2-part epoxy.


Once completely cured overnight I trimmed the excess sheeting off, leveled with fine sanding and finally I got my new tail, all smooth, better proportionated and ready for scribing panel lines, rivetting and detailing sometime in the (hopefully) near future.


Here's some images of the adventure.





Attempt #1








Attempt #2










And finally, a comparison between the old tail and the new tail:




Thanks for watching!



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That tail section is brilliant  - trial and error always wins in the end!




TALE OF TWO TAILS - PART TWO     ....or, as TOM pointed out, Trial and Error always wins in the end! LOL


So I ran into a similar situation with the Vertical fin.  In my rookie obsession for making this an all-plastic model and following the way injections kits are given to us, I tried to replicate the process.  Well, it may work for injection but not always or not necessarily it has to be the same with an scratch project, I concluded.


My first all-plastic fin was not successful (as it was the norm) more to my lack of vision or experience than anything else. I got 'smart" and decided to carve it in balsa wood instead, then use the "combat-proven" trick of covering it in .010" styrene sheet.  Much much better results and I still have a nice surface I can sand, scribe and rivet!


The Original thing:






...and the new Rendition:








Not too bad for my current standards, I hope!  haha



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