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Total Scratch build of the front end of a B17G!

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Cheers Boris!


Hi to all


hope everyone is fine and happily modelling away!! smile.png


Okay........so after the nightmare of the last post I have managed to get the control columns finished and installed!


I am pleased that I took the time to adjust the cockpit walls as now the control columns sit in their place nicely .


Here are the columns painted and ready to be installed..............................




The little canvas boots on the bottom of the sticks were a bit of a pain to replicate....I decided to use some stretchy tissue...here they are in the process of being made............................




Next up was the rudder trim tab wheel and the locking handles.....of course I forgot to drill out the holes for the locking handles to sit in ...should have done that ages ago when I was constructing the floors doh.gif ...so it took longer than it should have done because I was trying not to smash everything else in the drills path!!...I managed to get the holes drilled and built the wheel and handles out of scrap plastic....................




So here is a shot of the parts built ...............................




So here we have a few shots/angles of the control columns...WARNING....photo heavy!! ..... wink.png














I have to say that I am very pleased with the way it is looking in the cockpit so far......when I have signed off here I am going to start on the pilot/co pilot seats and frames.


Thanks guys for taking the time to have a nose at this nutty project!! rolleyes.gif


bye for now



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Incredible work!


You have any idea how many hours you put into to it?


Maybe you continue down the fuselage (i hope)??;)


Again- stellar work!!


Cheers Ted

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This project has continued to blow my mind, every time I check in on your project Martin it gets better and better!  :)

 Keep up the  outstanding work!



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Thanks again everyone....


You ask how many hours I have put into this Ted?..too many probably!....I have thought of continuing down the fuselage but I would like to take a break from the B17...I have other projects I would like to have a go at first....but might return to the Fortress and do the next section one day! ;)




Martin (Fozzy)

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This work is beyond incredible.  


The attention to the most minute of details is beyond comprehension.  A true masterpiece.  A true work of art.





Thank you for sharing your progress and even your problems.  





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Thanks Guys....been away from the work bench for a few days break in Istanbul (just up the road from my place)...should have an update in the next couple of days :)

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