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Lack of US Navy figures for dioramas

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I've just spent the better part of two hours looking around on the web at figures. I looked at figures from Verlinden, Legend, Black Dog, CMK, Royal, and more. I saw figures depicted in every conceivable pose, position, situation, and activity from just sitting to getting their naughty on.


Heck, I even found a vignette where a guy was taking a dump. Yes you read that right. Here is the URL if you wanna take a peek...




There were figures of guys and gals, adult and children, dogs and cats and chickens and cows and horses and camels. There were furniture items for the house and even a porta potty. But the guy mentioned above wasn't in it.


All this to say, you can find any figure for any situation you might want to depict in a diorama, EXCEPT a US Navy carrier deck crewman. I know the PWMP stuff is still around, but why hasn't a mainstream figure company come up with a few? Women have only been in combat in the US military since the 90s but you sure can find female pilots! Navy deck crew have been around since Eugene Ely first came aboard. Verlinden even has a series of deck vehicles but no one to operate them.


How many more WW2 German and American soldiers does the modeling world need?


Ok, rant off.



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Yeah, unfortunately I sold my Tam F-14 several years ago. I've got the ones from the Academy Hornet though. I just don't understand why no one has addressed this. Search 1/35 or 1/32 figures on eBay and you get everything imaginable except modern deck crew. I just think it is strange is all.



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Ummm...Tamiya 1/32 F14 kits have them.


Check this link Mike



You mean that I have to buy a Tamiya F-14 kit just to get a naval crewman or two? Isn't that kind of expensive?

Heck, I'm till ranting about the lack of a 1/32 Kate and Val.

Still, perhaps one could get a figure that comes close and then modify it to look like a crewman.

Or get the clothing patterns, scale them down to 1/32 and then cut them and sew your own uniforms and then dress a suitable nearly nude figure. Uh, What's wrong with that? They sew clothing for 1/6 figures, don't they?

As I recall Monogram used to offer two deck crewmen in their WW2 navel aircraft kits but they were in 1/48 scale.

Maybe some aftermarket mfgr will read this and add some 1/32 figures you want  to their line. Yeah, sure, just as soon as they make a 1/32 kit of the Kate and Val. 

Welcome to the "aint never gonna happen" club.

Good luck.


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Can i just say here i dont like one word post topics  - there that's off my chest:-)


There were to taking a dump sets from Verlinden and a guy having a number "1" in a masterbox set - Bravo six did a figure "on the job" as well!


praying for more figures or having the skill to make my own



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Guest Peterpools

Agreed. I purchased and used most of the 32nd scale USAAF,USN and British WWII pilot figures and have already used most. I have a hard enough time painting figures, yet alone trying to do surgery on them. Hoping in the future to see more pilots and ground crew in the future for 1940-present. Now, wouldn't that be grand.


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If one positive has come out of there not being any figures, it's that I have learned a little bit  about resin mold making and casting. I've burned through three pounds of mold material learning what NOT to do when casting, just trying to get a part or two to make some figures. Problem is, I am not a sculptor, and have a limited selection of figures to choose body parts from. I dont want to buy a bunch of figure sets to get a leg here and an arm there. I managed to get a really nice copy of the body of the "shooter" in the Academy F-18 figures that I'm gonna build on. I'll try to post a pic of it. 


I just find it odd that with all of the other figures available out there that it seems like no one has thought to do a few of these (minus the PWMP and the one CMK) in our scale. There are 1/72 and 1/48 available.




PS --


Typhoonattack --

I had forgot about those. Nice looking figures. I probably will try to get those. 


I didnt know about the ZM set. It looks really nice, but pricey. It is the only seated figure I've been able to find though. 



By the way...you guys here are really helpful. It's much appreciated!



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