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MH-60L & AH-6J 1/35 nightstalkers

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Guest Peterpools


Holy Cow Batman .... wow, just awesome work. Fit and finish is right on the money and the weathering is light and just as I like it: Used but not Abused. First Old Crow and now two more gorgeous builds - a great year of modleing for sure.

Keep 'em coming


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Hey Jorge!!.. as im a Rotorhead i just wanna say: what a terrific job!!! amazing and inspiring....


Here in Brazil, a friend of mine, a super lynx navy pilot, was inspired by this work of yours... he bought the italeri hawk one and the little bird....1/48 scale....


tell me, do you have any wip of them on the net, or maybe you can share with us how did you made this terrific paint and weathering job, especially on the rivets...?


well done sir!!





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