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Vampire from a Sea Venom. 24/6 she's all done!!!!&

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I'm back! It's been a while but the good news is………………….IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So for not having seemingly much left to do, it sure took a while to get the final details sorted. First up was the last of the markings. I managed to knock up some semi-passable lettering for the "Telstars" markings, stars and the airframe numbers, then I made some masks for the stripes out of frisket film. Given that I printed the lettering and had to paint the stripes, colour matching was always going to be an issue, but I got it reasonably close I think.


Here's some of the sheet I made up. I even managed to find a picture of the central flying school crest where the Telstars were based, so I was able to resize and add that too.








Trying to work out the exact font was pretty much impossible, but once again "good enough for government work!"


On to the wheels. I wanted to get rid of the centre part while keeping the actual tyre so after I'd cleaned up the outside, I chucked them in the lathe and drilled out the centre.




The step drill worked excellently for this. I was worried that with a normal drill bit the heat would build up and start to melt the plastic. There was no such issues with the step drill, except that obviously you're locked into specific diameters.






Then I knocked up two hubs made of brass. The intent was then to machine them further and add details as required.






To achieve that last step took most of the day. Mainly because I had just received a new 4 jaw chuck and rotary table for my mill, but I didn't realise until I went to use it that there was no way to mount the two together. So I made this T-bar out of brass to join the two together.






more to come...




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So this is what it was all about, almost a whole day to set up and only about 15 minutes to machine each hub. The spacing of each of the 6 holes was not quite right but unless you're looking at them closely they'll pass :)






Sanding a flat on each wheel, I finished them off with some hex heads made using "the nutter." A little wash and they were done!




Last of all, the canopy was glued on, an antenna added behind the cockpit and the little pipe on the left side for the smoke and I call this one done. I apologise for the photos of the finished product at the moment, but hopefully I'll be able to get some more tomorrow in natural light. 


All in all, this has been a very enjoyable build. Even though the little vampire has many, many mistakes and there is, as always, plenty of things I could have done better, I'm pretty happy with the overall result. With each model I build I always try to push the boundaries just a little further, so right now this model represents the pinnacle of my modelling skill. A big thank you to all of you that followed along and for everyone who gave advice and comments. To everyone participating in this group build, I hope you all manage to finish you current projects as there is some really outstanding work going on here.



















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Craig, let me be the first to congratulate you on what I think is a stunning achievement, and a fantastic build. You've combined courage, skill and tenacity in equal measures here and produced a winner, irrespective of any mistakes and missteps. Great stuff indeed!



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Bravo, Maestro!   I give you a standing ovation for this wonderful achievement. Riding with you along this project has been a thrilling experience, not only because watching you overcome the obstacles was truly inspiring but because by willingly sharing your solutions with us you have given me (and others, I am sure) ways and ideas to tackle similar issues with our own projects.


Excellent job. I love it~!  Congratulations. 




PS:  Now lets wait and see those "studio" shots to follow!!

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Thanks so much guys! And thank you Brian for posting my not very professional photos in the completed builds thread. Being my first GB, I was worried I wouldn't make the cutoff, but in the end it doesn't really matter. On the flip side though, it was the thought of a deadline which probably saw this through to completion, so maybe not a bad thing overall. What it also did was give me the motivation to actually tackle a project I had only ever thought "one day" of starting. Thanks very much to whoever came up with the theme for this GB; it served it's purpose well! I'll hopefully start another WIP soon, but it's always hard deciding which kit to attack next :) I do know, however, that with the quality of builds going on on this forum, I going to have to try and keep raising the bar!


Cheers, Craig

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