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Hasa 1/16 Camel { some slightly better pics}

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Well here is my first post in this section. Just finished my Camel! well nearly. What a kit, a bit toy like in places and not total accurate from what I can see but a fantistic kit all the same. Gave me a few problems, mostly of my own making by not following the build instructions but we all know better than the manufacture. Just hope that this is not going to be a one off, i need more!














Sorry for poor pics and xmas decs.









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Thanks, I am well pleased with the results, I had big ideas origanally of doing some of it covered but that soon got kicked into touch when I found out how hard that would be. Somebody out there will be able to make a real gem out of this kit, just wish I could get some good shots of it.

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Looks great.


How easy or difficult is it to fix the rigging ?

Hi Ewin. Rigging was easy if the instructions are followed. I thought i knew better and made some bits harder than they should have been.

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