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HK Models 1/32 Meteor Mk 4

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As promised folks, here's the opening salvo to my HK Models test shot build. This kit arrived without a box or instructions, and with test decals that I'm told do not meet production standards in terms of colour fidelity. I have some rudimentary assembly instructions in PDF format, but no painting and marking guide. So, here's a teaser shot of a pile of sprues:




For more photos and sprue shots, check out the preview I did from a couple of weeks ago, and also the associated forum discussion.


The reason I'm starting this thread now, rather than when I've got some actual progress to show, is that I have no idea what colours to paint the cockpit. And of course, that's where I'd like to start! As best as I can determine it appears to require a combination of black and interior green, but I'd love to hear from anybody with some definitive info.



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As I said on FB, both the Classic Airframes 1/48 kit and the Modellers Datafile on the Meatbox indicate black for the F.Mk.IV.  I don't see any indication of interior green.


Looking forward to the build!



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Thanks Michael. This will be pretty close to OOB, just so we can all see how it goes together. Though I wouldn't mind a set of aftermarket seat belts. Any suggestions?


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OK, I've started snipping plastic off the sprues. My sample shipped with extensive bubble wrap, but in a relatively flimsy plain cardboard box, so the trailing edge of one of the wing roots suffered some crush damage:






This shouldn't pose too much of an issue, and I'd imagine the final retail package won't suffer from this possibility.


One thing I noticed immediately is that the sprue attachment points are on the mating faces of the parts, rather than their outer visible surfaces:




This is a double-edged sword. On the positive side of the ledger, it means that clean up - when done carefully! - should not mar the visible surfaces of the kit. On the negative, injudicious use of the sanding stick will produce a local depression in the plastic that could result in gaps come assembly time. On the whole though, I think I prefer this approach than the other, which risks damage to surface detail.


Here's the fuselage taped together after cleaning up the sprue attachment points:




The fit is pretty good, though not completely crisp along the mating edges, and there's a notable 'unfinished' look to the plastic either side of the seam line:




This will be taken care of during the clean up of the fuselage seams, but it did strike me as a little odd. Here's the wing assembly similarly cleaned up and taped together:




And then the two assemblies brought together:




Fit is pretty good, though the trailing edge of the wing roots will need careful assembly and clamping to ensure there are no steps:






I suspect a little bit of filler will be required, but nothing too dramatic. Next up I'll start work on the cockpit.



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