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Luftwaffe Hand Barrow - some questions

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Hi all,


Having finished my Luftwaffe power generator (http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=47799&hl=) yesterday I am studying a comparable subject: Profimodeller's 2010 hand barrow nr. 32059. I'll describe the completion of the power generator tonight or later this week.


I can't find any info about the real life example Profimodeller used (used all kinds of combinations of the terms 'Luftwaffe', 'cart', 'hand', 'barrow', 'Wehrmacht' and the german translations; can't find anything). Furthermore I can't find any build review or pictures of a finished model. Perhaps that's because of the less-than-clear instructions and/or faulty parts such as far too large tyres. All of this is curable though.


So I have a few questions to you guys:


1) Does anyone have a pic or reference to a finished model or an 1:1 specimen?

2) Should the colour be the same as the power generator (XF60)? If you don't know and had to guess, what would you do?

3) Should both the woodwork and the metalwork be painted in that colour, or should the wood be left 'weathered wood'? If you don't know and had to guess, what would you do?

4) The stands and suspension look unrealistically thin (see second picture below), they're just single strips of photoetch. Does anyone know if this is indeed unrealistic? What to do?


I look forward to your thoughts and ideas...
Thanks Roy


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This book may help 

Luftwaffe Airfield Equipment
Joachim Dressel, Manfred Griehl
52 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0887404820
ISBN-13: 978-0887404825




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Steve, it scaled up to about a centimeter (less than 1/2 inch)... not realistic. 


Vandy, that was a very good idea. So I went to the aviation megastore near Schiphol airport where they had this book. NO picture whatsoever of this subject (but what a great book it is! Get one if you're interested in Luftwaffe dioramas) so I handed the kit back to them. Couple of errors... ok no problem. But I'm not the kind of person who will guess the answers to the above 4 questions. So I'll just start with another kit or continue my work on the Heinkel 111. 


Thanks for your input!

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Hi Roy,


Sorry I can't help you with numbers 1 or 4, but I think I can with the others.


2) I would guess that, unless either the cart or generator was an immediate replacement, they would be painted the same color. Generally speaking, military equipment in the same locale would be the same color. For example, when we deployed for Desert Storm, all our equipment was in the same camo scheme. As items broke and were replaced, they came shipped in the generic US Army green. Once there was some down time, the motor pool would paint them to match. I would hazard to guess this is, and has been, a common practice.


3) I tend to view equipment from the manufacturers point of view. The cart would have been assembled, then painted. Most likely without the wheels, as the rims would have been painted seperately, prior to tire installation. So i would think the whole cart would have been one color. What might add some visual interest, is to paint one of the wooden panels as if it was natural wood, simulating a board that had been replaced.


Hope that helps!

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