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RF8U photo crusader?

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Well, just to give you my impression and feelings on the RF crusader: i never saw this aircraft in real time, but seeing it on film i always had a picture of a shark......yes  a shark like image, this fuselage and bulky upper side, together with a more or less square underside with the photo openings in the fuselage, it just looked manacing.......ok, ok , i'm getting carried away, but that's just how i looked at it, sleek, threatening and having a perfect appearance in total........


just my 2 pennies,



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Hi Guys, 


Well, I have often thought about doing a photo Crusader conversion, so I will dig out my references and have a look at it for next year.For now, the Ryan STM and the various Meteor conversion sets are top priority.


Sadly my friend Jennings Heilig  who does most of my decal art lost his home to a fire yesterday so there will be a small delay in getting the decals made up, but I am working on it.


More soon...



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