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Silver Wings

1:32 Hawker Demon - available now !

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We are pleased to announce that our newest kit for 2013, the 1:32 Hawker Demon, is now available in sales!

The Hawker Demon was a fighter variant of the Hart light bomber, widely used during the inter war period. Over 200 Hawker Demons were built for the RAF.

This model kitset will greatly complete each RAF models collection.


Available marking options:


Hawker Demon, K4520, 64 Squadron, Martlesham Heath, June 1937

Hawker Demon, K4500, 604 Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force, Hendon, 1936



More information here: www.silverwings.pl.













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Guest Dekenba

Never has "Silver Wings" been better applied as a company name!


It's a beautiful plane - I'll certainly be adding one to my stash.

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The kit is terrific!


I'd simply propose you two slight improvements:


- the instruction sheet sketches are not always sufficient to assemble the kit. I had to check in different books and finally found the Hart assembly guide on your website to get the replies to some questions (more particulalry about the cockpit components). Adding some small pictures here and there would really ease the job.


- I dedicated a lot of time to modify the contents of the bags to put all the cockpit small parts here, the large cockpit ones there and the small external parts in another one. As the parts are mixed and not numbered, it is sometimes difficult to identify the smallest ones! So at least separating them in a more logical way would be welcome. The ideal solution would be adding a sketch of all the resin parts in the instruction sheet.


Last, are you going to release other Hawker biplanes? I would be delighted to get an Hawker Nimrod!

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Hi Thierry,


Thank you for your opinion.


Regarding your suggestions:


- which elements exactly would you like to see on photos ?


- this is important notice, we will try to improve something in the next release


Yes, we are going to release other Hawker biplanes but in 2015.

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