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Little Andi

Morane Saulnier type N - 1/32 "Special Hobby".

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By way of introduction............ and as proof that I'm quietly lurking in the background - and of course playing about a bit.


A build I'm working on, and cross pollinating with another board (forgive me) but I registered here and was wanting to introduce myself as I have a small collection of 1/32nd WWII aircraft that I'm sure to need help with at some point - this being my first real aircraft build since I was knee high to a bag of chips - But really also to show off my "stringy-wiry bits" (can you say that nowadays)?





And a quick shot to show more wiry bits and that I've softened my initial weathering on the wings - I'll get to a point when I can do this first time ... but now I've an airbrush that works - (long story) - it's taking a little while to see what it can do?





Ooops - now I review the photo I see that you can't see anything of the wings ... so check out the cheeks of the cowling and hopefully notice a mix of castor and muck'n'dirt down the sides?


Here's a better pic' of the wings with some wear and tear down the fuselage - this is definitely not a "Hanger Queen".

.............. And as mentioned before ... elsewhere - I likes 'em a bit mucky!!!




Thanks for your indulgence ................. KBO ... Andi

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Guest Peterpools



Thanks for posting your current build - looking mighty good

Keep 'em coming


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Well here we go then ...................( A cross pollination post).

Another update ... they keep happening despite myself? ... Actually a little bit of headway now, I have by and large I think got all the rigging done? I'm not sure who recommended this as a first build!!!!!!! - But it nearly drove me nuts.
Truth be told it was a good starter because at least most of the rigging is accessible, and when I got myself into a bit of a knot - at least I could see and reach what it was I was trying to do. I must add that I think any "newbies" will learn more on their first rigging exercise than probably the rest of their projects put together?
And as an aside for newbies (I don't consider myself a veteran of the study yet - but I damn sure ain't no virgin anymore)! It was some rough date, If I'd have known better I think I might of bought myself dinner first!!! Truth be told though I got faster, quicker and much slicker as time went on. For the first half of the build I couldn't even do the "pass back through the tube" thing, by the end I was doing it in my fingers ... with powerful super x-ray specs on and with a "Magnifying-light" too of course.

Anyhoo ............ here's the pic's then ........ remember it's a sacrificial build to get to grips with this new genre of modelling, so some prototypical arrangements may be compromised?



You can't see it so well on this pic' but I've added some fuel staining on the wings - a little bit clumsy but it's kind of cool in a "first attempt" way.


It's the inboard bit you're looking at, the outer part under the anchor points is very coarse - the result of that bliddly Dullcote not knowing whether it was dry or not - and this after several weeks! It will of course be softened down to take the edge off of the effect.



Well there you go then?? Getting close to a finish? Must do the propeller, although I've gotten used to the "jet nose cone" effect, a couple of wheels I suppose, and then hopefully once it gets signed off by the powers that be ... (that's you lot by the way).
I might even get it in the "Completed models" thread - Oh be still my pitter-pattering heart.

Cheers lads.

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