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I have been following this thread and Goodnesd ME its looking very good..


The pilots look spiffingly gorgeous. ... the paint job is excellent.


You are on s Roll and decal work. Etc is ..Exemplary. .

Look forward to the next update..... Thank you.


:wow: :thumbsup:

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Thanks all!! Your kind comments are appreciated :-)

Eric, I believe the term is douche bag plane driver lol!!


This thread covers most of it but here are some tips, I'm no expert mind you as this is my first try with wood grain decals.

1. The undercoat is critical to the final effect as the decals are translucent, I used Gunz gloss flesh for the dark panels and Gunz radome for the lighter with a preshade of gloss black.

2. Decal 1 panel at a time, place Tamiya tape over the required panel slightly overlapping, trace around the panel with a sharp pencil,

Remove the tape, place it on some thin cardboard (I used a cerial box).

Cut around the tape creating a cardboard pattern, place this pattern on the decal sheet and draw around it.

Cut out the decal, soak in water and apply, try to avoid wrinkles as you apply.

3. The reason for using a cardboard pattern is that you can't stick masking tape to the decal sheet as it wrecks the decal.

4. Once you have covered the model apply a gloss coat then the wingnut msrkings followed by another gloss coat, panel washes then a semi gloss coat


5. The model can be handled after this process with no problems, however I would avoid using masking tape on the kit (ask me how I know!!)

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Thanks a lot for the tutorial. That is a huge help. I've got an Albatros in the stash to do, and was hesitant to build it because of the wood-grain. The decals really look like they make the job easier.




Keep up the great work please. This is a great build



Matt  :frantic:

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I am using the excellent Master barrels on this build, so as not to cover the sublime detail with layers of paint I am using the Uschie blackening agent


Above we have the liquid and the PE/machined brass components.

Below the awesome Master items


Below, The brass go's into the fluid which I mixed 50/50 with tap water to slow down the reaction time


Below, Voila!! they turn a nice gun metal black!!



And finally the finished items, just need the finishing touches to the rear gun {ammo,brace and wood work}



Thanks for looking, more soon!! 

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