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How to land a U-2

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Nice ! I love this kind of stories. It's been several months i am reading the Chuck Yeager biography (english is not my birth language, so i cant read very fast), and it's great ! Really, one of the best book i have ever read !


Thanks !

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There's another great book, absolutely awsome, it's called "Punching out : stories of high speed ejections". It is a compilation of dozens of accounts of pilots who had to bail out in several situations, at differents eras, mostly being jet era (ejection !).

Some are very dramatic, but the thing you immediately understand is that an ejection is always a very violent process, and it is very rare that the pilot land without any scratch.



Here you have a preview of one of the stories, an ejection at mach 3,2 and almost 80 000ft from a SR-71 (not technically an ejection as the aircraft has been desintegrated around the crew....). Unfortunately, the pilot's mate in the back seat has not survived.


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