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1/32 Polish F-16D Block 52+ (from Academy Sufa)

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Not too much to report...spent most of last night swearing at the Me 262 and swearing at my Wolfpack JDAMs, which arrived from Sprue Bros. with some very fragile vanes broken off. The Sniper pod looks awesome, though.


But...I did get a start on the two massive external tanks. These things are probably bigger than some 1/48 prop kits I've built. 



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Need some advice, jet people.


Once I get the fuselage cleaned up (filling, fixing rivets and so on) I'm considering fixing the landing gear before moving on. For three reasons. First, so I have something to set the thing on. Second, to help ensure I fix the wings at equal angles. And third, to ensure it'll be a nose-sitter before I attach the nose cone. 


I've got essentially zero experience building jets, so not sure if this is crazy talk or SOP...

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Hello Matt!! Great progress on the F-16. I've built two of the Academy F-16 kits, One as a Barak the other as a Sufa. I didn't have to add any eight to the nose, even with the addition of resin parts behind the main gear points. If it will make you feel better add some weight, but I've never added weight. One of my builds sits with its wings uneven because i glued the rear intake tubes off from the front. The main well is glued to the rear tubes, so it is crooked. BE SURE THE WELL IS STRAIGHT. I glued the top wing surfaces to the fuselage before assembling the top and bottom halves of the fuselage. I did this so i could work the wing to fuselage joint to be as tight as possible and to ensure the wings were level. Academy does provide positive alignment slots and tabs, and i also used the Tamiya F-16 as reference. I made a template from the Tamiya upper fuselage to make sure the tabs and slots aligned the wings and they did.




HTH  Don

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Maybe i missed something (most probably because of my age...daah) but i didn't get to catch the actual finish of this project since Matt was planning on using the Sufa kit as a basis for a polish F16 D block "something""

Now i'm not an F16 expert, but got onto this build after googling the question: can i convert the Sufa into a polish dual Viper, and voila it took me back to my favourite modeling site and it felt right at home.

But the big question still stands: can i change the Sufa into a polish jet, and what would it take, especially since the "humpback" with all the Sufa protusions aren't exactly the same as what is displayed on the polish version, which looks very smooth and cleaner in detail than the sufa.

Hopefully some F16 expert can jump in, maybe Matt?



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