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Ki-84 Hayate


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Very nice work!  I love the riveting.  I wish I had the patience to do all that riveting.  Even with Radu's tool, I still find it exhausting to put rivets on a model.  Just a little FYI if I may about aircraft engines in general.  Aircraft engines normally have two spark plugs per cylinder and two spark plug leads per cylinder.  Not only for better ignition and combustion performance but also for safety.  Aircraft engines have two, separate and independent ignition systems powered by two magnetos.  Normally, the left mag fires all the rear plugs on the engine and the right mag fires all the front plugs.  If one of the mags fails to work, for whatever reason, you still have one fully operational mag to get you home....  If you didn't it would get awful quiet real fast and that big fan in the front of the airplane wouldn't spin any more.  Then you're in a predicament....


Great job again and I love watching Japanese WWII aircraft come together.

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Wow, that post-shading is tremendous! You obviously have amazing skill and control with your airbrush. The overall effect of your weathering is terrific. I would dial back the hinomarus a little to make them stand out a bit less, but otherwise I think you've done an amazing job.



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Aaaaaaaawwwwweeesome Cruzz !!

That weathering and that chipping is superb !! I've gotta try the AK stuff now.


When you weather the Hinomaurus, dont chip it ! The Hinomaurus was a sacret symbol to the Japanese so if anything was maintained it was the Hinomaurus. Faded could easily happen, but not chipped (chipped bad at least)

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