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a mk.3 would be nice so I could do the one RNZAF Meteor, but this mk.4 will have to do!  When did they start using the larger intakes?


It is indeed a Mk 4, (my bad), just in from a night out. The early Mk 8s had the smaller intakes, and I am not sure if any of the Mk 4s were refitted with the larger intakes. Perhaps, but the few pics I can lay my hands on indicate the smaller openings. Of course, a tad hard to be sure from the small photos. We can live in hope.

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Oops! ... Happy Birthday Roy!!! ...



Id love one if they did!








Ahhhh so you actually DO know something?? ... or THINK you know something??


Either way ... If it's that Horten thing some are raving about - it'll earn a gigantic yawn from me (along with a "wake-me-up-when-#9-is-close")


Plus I hope it isn't a jet of any sort anyway ...


Which brings me ... back to the thread - appart from the Me.262 (and possibly the Arado), I didn't realy plan on getting any WWII jet power stuff ... but this kinda looks pretty hard to pass up on doesn't it?? ... plus it's British and those kits are rare enough atm!


I really do hope they stop mucking about with that Dornier long enough to start passing out the Lanc's!!


Wonder if this kit will come out before the HK Do335... Probably will.

Man it's hard to keep my mouth shut on the next ZM release, knowing what it is.


Ahhh ... another of those in-the-know (no ... I am not going to pry!!) ... but if you are in the habit of passing on 'feedback' - I'm a new fan!! - The 219 blew me away (just looking through the box!) and I have another on the way - along with 2 of the Ta-152 (albeit the "Slipstream" is the only one still available) and 2 of the Mustang! ... Hell, I'm not a big fan of Japanese subjects and I grabbed a Shinden!! ("Ah! My Goddess" version) ...


Back to the HK subject ... the Meteor was advertised along with the B-17 and the Lanc when the "3 Mitchells" were first WIP'd ... I think the Dornier should stop pushing into the line and wait it's turn behind the Lanc :P ... Still, given the success that the Shinden obviously had for ZM, it's not really any surprise that they should opt to do the German cousin.


Rog :)

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You said it Roy!


Id REALLY love to see a 1/32nd Javelin. Delta wing, T-tail, twin jets............whats not to love?!



Wow, that would be something indeed, awesome "monster" and it howled as well.

My earliest memories from childhood concerning this particular aircraft was when it passed overhead our house on final and making this strange howling jet sound, only a few other jets had the same distinctive sound...!!

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That looks to be an excellent kit in the making , its nice to have the chance to build another early jet , no matter how aesthetically challenged it may be 



PS The original 1944 DH Vampire is a thing of beauty .. and I stand by that , the later night fighters not so much!


Ken- any idea of the time scale on this kit ...





PCM, Inc.

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