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New Revell 1/32 Trainer ...

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I'm sure Revell must be encouraged to do more trainers if the sales of the BAe Hawk are anything to go by?
Plenty of these models have been on display at shows, so another trainer eventually 'in the works' in the future wouldn't be a surprise for me.

I would have thought that the Alpha Jet would perhaps be more of a front runner, or even a modern day Tucano would make it on my top list if I were investing in some new tooling. 

However, I'm hoping a new Hurricane will come before anything else on their lists, I've got loads of Hawks to do in the meantime! :popcorn:  

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Andreas clarified a few posts back that there is no truth to this rumour. This is as "oficial" as you can get. ;)

Do not despair, a 1/32 Fouga may happen eventually. But so far it seems that Revell has not taken any decision to make one.

The amount of "love" shown here may give them a "stir".
I would love one too.


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