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Happy birthday Maru!

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Happy B-Day!!!! Balloons2A.jpg

Ooh thanks..


One of MY childhood friend with whom I went to school with from being a kid to being a senior and who is now a Heart Surgeon and still MY good friend, is coming over real soon ,so He can treat ME to a pizza ..lolol....he has no time ..he's going back to the Metropole to perform an Op on a little kid.. So thank you for you lovely balloons..quite liked that..



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Hope you have a great Birthday Maru, and it sounds like you had a great pe-birthday dinner.




Hi Richard,


Thank you ..yes I did enjoy it...


..... A variety of professions within the family also makes for good dinner conversations...from a Cop to prosecution Lawyer to bank owner to several doctors ...to biochemist .. .. To a farmer.. To a pilot.....it was quite a fun evening with many different food styles tasted and enjoyed.

And kids also enjoying the atmosphere ...


Pleasant evening... :wub:

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