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SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury

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That is some damn nice modeling, Vaugn.  Cutting that thick sheet is hard core.  Great work.





Thanks Mark, The sheet cuts do wear out the blades quickly I must say... but for a lot of it I just make a couple of passes with the blade, flex/ oil can the plastic and it sheers pretty clean... saves a lot of time and effort.





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Happy HO HO everyone !! I hope you all have a great, safe, and happy season !


Update time... one step forward, two steps back on this one... Here we go !


With the VEN done ( I thought) it was time to start on the engine bodies. My evil friend Donald helped me transport a 4 X 8 foot sheet of .060 and with my trusty vacume cleaner, the stove top element and my home made vacu former we were off ! :unsure:


The first pull was pretty good...






A slice down the front allowed the master to drop free..




BUT... I discovered that 4 years ago when I made the master I got the tapered ends wrong... :BANGHEAD2:   so, more work to do !

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A center keel was cut and disc's cut for the front and rear faces...






I was much happier with these... one problem with the vacu forming I do is it gives one soft edges.. this way they are crisp.




The forward VEN lines up and looks good !



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I had planned to just have strips off the keel fit over the inner sheet of the wing... but of course that would be too easy right ?..




Fitted on it looked very good... from the top...




But, looking at the plans it seems those WONDERFUl chaps who made the ship decided for some reason to drop the centerline below that of the wing...




So... with a bit of grumbling and head scratching I glued strips of plastic to the mounts I'd made and lowered the mounting point by 1/8th in.




Looking it over it looked very good... makes the 'Fury look really like it's coming together !




But trouble was brewing... storm clouds gathering... :frantic:

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Some thing had been bothering me... and in fitting the rear VEN it came crashing home.... :BANGHEAD2:


Somehow I had screwed up....




I had made the widest point on the VEN too small.... easy to miss unless one is looking for it...




It just so happened just as this came to light, one of the guys who worked on the show shared some pics and meshes he had...






So... for my next magic trick, I will attempt to rescue/ rebuild the VEN... once I recover from Christmas !! Thankfully a new friend arrived from smoky California to cheer me on !!




So, Merry HO HO everyone... see you all in the New Year !!



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Greetings for the New Year all !!  It's been a while sense I posted on this thread... work, life, the deep freeze most of us are experiencing... but I have not been cuddling Opus and staying warm under the covers ! Hang on... It's UPDATE time !! :evil_laugh:


When last we saw our intrepid modeler he was faced with rebuilding a finished part... :BANGHEAD2: ..... so, when it's wrong, it's wrong... nothing for it but to get nasty... :fight:.... cutters, blades and determination.. (stupidity ?)....




and within a few min I was looking at this....




Cleaning up the edges took a few more min, then a ring was made... too big but I didn't realize it at the time...




Glued on.. and planking was restarted..




I was smart though this time... after doing just a bit I sized it on the engine body and realized it was too big, so took off the planking and trimmed the ring down by 50%. Planking redone...






This looks MUCH better !!



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Holes were drilled in the joining faces and bits of sprue were used as aligning pins..




On to the front of the engine... in sanding down the angle I got it to where I wanted it...




But the rings I'd made to support the skin I'd not extended far enough back so gaps showed up... what to do, what to do ?... :frantic:.. scrap wedges were made and glued in..




Sanded down and the forward thruster fitted... looks good !



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But... we need detail !!... the area of the engine body behind the forward thruster is plated... sooooo... a tube was glued onto the forward face to slide the thruster onto... and then lines drawn...




And angled strips glued on...




Long hours of fiddly detail... but it looks good ! :yahoo:



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Of COURSE I had to fit it onto the wingtip to see how it looked ... :rolleyes:




It looked good from the top but the weight of the rear thruster caused the part to sag at the rear... so a bit of sprue was glued into the rear of the wingtip..




A hole drilled into the engine body...




And she sits at the right angle !! :yahoo:



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But wait kids !... we are not done yet !!.. we need those maneuvering thrusters... so out with the masters and vacu former... made a foil wrapped heat box to hold the plastic holder over the electric burner and I was off to the races.




Parts cut out and centerline drawn...




Thankfully I was smart enough to look at the ref drawings... the top thruster is actually NOT at 90 degree's... it's canted outboard by 9 degrees... almost got caught by that.


The thruster mount made...






The resin thruster nozzel my friend Bill had gotten made from my master years ago...





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Placed on the engine it looked good....




BUT.... from the side there was a BIG issue.... the thruster is supposed to be level with the engine centerline... not be angled up ! :BANGHEAD2:




It's a good thing I don't mind getting nasty with plastic... :fight: ... using my razor saw I cut most of the way through the mount..




The line was then widened with an Exacto blade..




Glued down and sanded it looks MUCH better !!



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