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SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Starfury

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Looks great as always Vaughan!


I was at my parents house on Tuesday and saw my old Revellogram Star Fury there. I'm still amazed it's in one piece. I think it's the first model I tried to do some tonal variation on.




 Thanks Carl ! Neat when you see one of your old builds that has survived !!

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So here we are again... More trials, tribulations, glue sniffin' & general confusion ! :frantic: The build continues !!


With the VEN basic construction completed (I thought) I set to work on the support flanges... three layers of .060..




Carefully spaced around the engine body...




I thought I was all set to go.... but then I noticed something on one of the pics.... The ion vein support mounts ..... they look NOTHING like the pic from the show... and being I had assumed Revell got it right on the model had built mine the same.... :BANGHEAD2:





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Nothing for it but to cut off, gouge out and rebuild... there are times I think this build is like Groundhog Day... same thing over and over and over as I try to get it right.


New build ... laminated sheet cut to shape and glued in...






It was about this time that I got talking with Lee Stringer and he very kindly sent me a bunch of renders from the actual model they used on the show !! He likes what I'm doing and is following the build... needless to say I'm thrilled and humbled.

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Needing a break from the major construction I got busy and set up the light fitting for the lighting tube...




The inset tube with the LED was a bit small so I just glued thin strip at 3 equidistant points and it centers perfectly..




I splashed some flat black inside the VEN to help cut down light bleed and did a test... vee half LIGHTS !!



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Going over my ref and the wonderful info Lee provided I noticed that I'd missed something... the gap between the wing tanks on the lower wing should NOT be open !!




Both in the show and on the rendered model this area was closed....




Soooo... cutting a funky shape from sheet was fun....




Getting it to the right shape and fit was not fun... but finally it came out right..



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Thinking I was home free I was all set to start plating the VEN... but being more careful I started looking closer before I jumped in... and well I did... we have issues ! The drawings and rendered model are at odds with what was on the screen.... in chats with Lee he said the model itself was well detailed, but the computers were so low res that what we saw on the screen lost so much of the detail it was like a different ship.


Case in point.. the render, the drawings and the Revell model (they got something right with this !!) show these grooves in the VEN..




But on screen the grooves are missing as in the upper right quadrant of the above pic.




As seen in the show...




Indeed... in this shot it looks like mounting support flanges much like those of the ion vein supports..



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So... after thinking it over I decided to go with what was seen on screen...






The engine basically complete..






and fitted to the wing...






I'm thinking I'm happy with it.... now that I've figured out all the problems, hopefully the next 3 engines will go smoother and faster.

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