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Emil Lang, Fw190A-5 Black 7, 5./JG 54, May 1943

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Now this brings back memories ... I was following this 6 years ago.... Ahh  its SO GOOD  to see it again...in this group build  ..


his AMAZING..your detail workmanship  is what I admire and look forward to more Exceptional  work from you.


keep it coming.



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Alain, Apologies for the late response.  I've been on Holiday without Internet access.


All of my photos for all of my builds are hosted on Photobucket.  All of the photos on all of my threads are blank.  I know there have been a lot of past complaints about Photobucket, but this is the first time I've had an issue.  A really big one, unfortunately.


I'll be moving from it to something else as soon as I figure it all out.  To what I don't know.  I'm not savvy about image hosting.  I do need a recommendation if anyone would like to do so.


Thank you.



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No problem Mark, no internet can be a good thing!

I use Imgur, very simple and free too.

I wanted to check as reference your photos of the early style Fw190 wheels, because I need to model some for my V21 conversion.



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Got the Imgur thing semi-figured out.  Hope this is what you're interested in.  If you study what I've done compared to the photo you will see my error.  The 3 inner discs should be indentations.  I misinterpreted the image and didn't pick up the misinterpretation until after I took the photo.






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Thank you, Brothers.  I've been doing a little of this and a little of that.  Some re-do and some new stuff.



I don't know why these images are so big.  Anyway.  Reworked the engine.  New distributor wires from monofilament fishing line, I see one moved, I'll fix that, bolt heads, and something-or-other on the piston heads with white rod on the piston face.  Painting clean-up is necessary throughout.



Added detail.



All together now.



Opened this indentation, which ended up creating more work.  I hadn't noticed that the ribs were tapered until after I installed them.  I'll see what I can do about that later.



Opening the indentation meant that I had to fill a void.  In a dyslexic moment I made two of the same shell ejection chutes.  I'll have to make the one on the right over again.  Just as well, it's construction is horrid.



Working on the engine mount.



Shell ejector chute opening. 



The top and bottom of the Instrument Panel aren't connected, as Hasegawa has molded it, so I ground out the back but left the sides attached.  Threw some wiring in for effect.



Front.  White Prismacolor pencil.    I'll go over the sweep hands and airplane with some white oil paint so they stand out. 



Removed the old wiring and replaced it with new.  Paint stains everywhere.  Top of left rudder pedal broke off and had to be super glued back on.  The reason it's crooked.  Made a strap from tape.  I see I have to paint the cable ties.  Wiring is Detail Master 1/24 Ignition Wires.  See below.


DM-1024 Ignition Wire .0125


Comes in red, too.



Junction Box.



Another Junction Box.



Bulkhead with shell chutes.



Old news, but since it's original link is broken I'd thought I throw it in.


Thanks for looking.



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The 'Like' button really doesn't show just how much i am loving this build

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