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'Fantasy' aviation subjects in 1/32 scale

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Guest TimC

This is what I would like in 1/32 scale and in these very markings:



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If we are talking absolute "fantasy" with no real hope of seeing an example of a 1/32 kit, I would love to see the following:


Lockheed Orion airliner of the 1930's

Sikorsky S.38

Junkers F.13 (or 24?, or a float plane Ju.52 in SAS colors?)

Stinson Trimotor (low wing version) airliner

SM.55 double hull flying boat that the Italians flew across the Atlantic in the 30's

Wibault-Penhoet 283-T French airliner of 30's

Handley Page HP.42 gigantic airliner of 30's (probably the most fantasy land of all of these).

Ok, these two are actually the furthest out: Martin 130 and Boeing 314 Pan Am China Clippers.


On the other hand, who would believe we could see half of the Schneider Trophy racers and a Spirit of St. Louis, or even two vacs and a rumor of an injected Lockheed Hudson, convertible to a model 18 with a lot of trouble. Who would believe a PBY, or even a B-17 in 1/32 scale just a few years ago? or a Salmson 2A2?


Might I seriously hope for a Martin B.10B or a pair of Curtiss Shrikes? or a Breda 65 and Ro.37? They don't sound as strange as they once may have. And I have real hope for several kinds of Viggens and Drakens.


Like Stephen said, when they built just about all the versions of any airplane you could imagine in 1/72, they moved on to a virgin market in 1/48 and people still bought more kits for higher prices. Now that the 1/48 market is reasonably filled out with the most "likely suspects", the 1/32 scale market is open for adventure. We have proven to be willing to drop a lot more cash per plane on the hobby than the 1/72 market has, so there is at least a possibility of some return on their investment.


It is a great time to be building or even just collecting 1/32 scale, as long as your cash flow can handle it. Most of us can at least afford the few Holy Grail kits that we hoped would someday appear. If all of my wishes came true, I don't know what I could do to afford or display them, much less get them built...



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My fantasy list is as follows (but then I am a little 'odd' ;)


Blackburn Baffin


That'll do for now! ';)




"Odd" ? you bet !


I had to search for this one. Not the worst of the Blackburn production, but a typical product of this company ... THAT would sell by truckloads would'nt it Iain :piliot: ?



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It would sell at least one! :)


Edit - actually - at least four as various family members would prolly like me to build one for them.


My grandfather flew them with 812 Sqn, Fleet Air Arm during the '30s (HMS Glorious and Hal Far, Malta...)


I strongly suspect I'd have to scratch build... ;)



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I would do unholy things to get a 1/32 B-29 along the lines of the HK B-17.


There's a vacuform build thread somewhere of a 1/32nd scale B-29.



Very impressive.

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