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Henri Daehne correction sets for Props & Spinners

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They are available on Ebay (de) again. All of his sets.


Hint: If you want to order one (or more), DON'T place a bid! Send him (as the seller) a message. Then he will change the auction from "bidding" to "instant buy".


Hint2: Some of his sets are going OOP when sold (for the Stuka). So grab one now when in need.



- dutik

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new props are available, this time for the old Revell Bf 110G-4 Night fighter.


ebay.de Bf 110G-4 Night fighter for Revell


Translation to make it easy:


VDM prop upgrade set for the Messerschmitt Bf 110 G-4 Revell in 1/32

All dimensions of the model parts were taken (if available) from original parts.

Hood (spinner) and base plate are similar in size to those of the Bf 109G without the penetration holes for the MG.

The dimensions of the hub and the prop support are similar to the Bf 109G without the extension for the MG. Measurement were taken from a hub in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin

The dimensions for the diameter of the propeller ( 3426mm ) are from the book " Messerschmitt Bf 110 / Me 210 / Me 410 " from Heinz Mankau / Peter Petrick page 212

For information of the max. Width of the blade ( 320mm ) I thank the RAF Museum in Hendon and Paul for the intermediation.

The contour/outline of the blade are based on historical photographs.


Scope of delivery/shipment:
- 28 resin parts
- 2 brass shaft
- 1 mounting device
- instructions

uninsured shipping on request!
Large letter internationally € 3.65
for loss or damage no replacement can be guaranteed!

Private sale, no guarantee according to EU law!

International shipping insured

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please contact Henri via email  "HenriDaehne@gmx.de" and ask for availability.
Be aware that it's vacation time and maybe he don't answer immediately.
Any difficulties! send me a PM.



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Guest KingK_series

Yeah he's not got anything for sale on eBay last time I looked



That is because he is working very hard at new products [several] I have no dobt when they are ready, he'll cast up old product to relist.


- it'll happen soon I am sure.

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Time for an update,


so what's coming next?

according Henri a set for the Fw 190 A-9 this include propeller blades with spinner, hub, fan & armor-ring. The armor-ring is still in the work because Henri is unhappy with Hasegawa part.

The princip is the same as all propeller from Henri, the hub is the centre (with bore) to eliminate eccentric problems.

Release date is still open but sure before christmas.


Question to the experts, my basic knowledge was that the A-8 had an fan with 12 blades & the A-9 a fan with 14 blades.

Henri told me that there was also a fan with 12 blades but the blades are wider compare to the first & second fan?

At all there are 3 versions of fan?


enjoy the pictures











and yes, scale is 1/32 and measurements are taken from original parts.

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