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Silver Wings

1:32 Boeing Stearman is available to buy!

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Sorry guys i've forgotten to post the pictures of the wing walkers show.

Here are a few (sorry for the poor quality, but they were shot with a cellphone) :





For the information, according to the air reglementation laws, every crew must take off with seatbelts buckled. So the girls take off in their seats, with seatbelt. And only once airborn they unbelt themselves and climb on the upper wing and belt again on the bar. And reverse operation for the landing.

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Guest Peterpools

Gorgeous "Yellow Peril" Stearman ...so very nicely done.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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The chance to do a 1/32 biplane with a bright blue fuselage, red & white striped rudder and yellow wings just proved too much for me, and I've ordered one.

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