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1:32 Boeing Stearman is available to buy!

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Hi Guys!


We need your help. As you know we are working on the Stearman in 1:32 scale. The project is pretty advanced but we can't make up our minds about markings. Can you help us?


We have chosen the PT13D version with a Lycoming R-680 engine.


Let's say one yellow and one blue marking :)


There is only one requirement: we need detailed information/photos including all side inscriptions.


We're counting on you! The sooner we get your suggestions, the earlier the Stearman will appear :)


Simon /Silver Wings Team

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Stephen 'the wise' has come up with a great solution I think.
Yet another kit on my really wanted list is on the way! Not complaining Stephen, just checking to see where the cash can come from?
Was out flying one two weeks ago, these hobbies can be real money suckers sometimes.
Perhaps I should take up bank robbing inbetween kits to help out? :innocent: :whistle:

Happy days are here again.

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Guys, a decision has been made - PT13D version with a Lycoming R-680 engine.


Let's focus on markings. Any suggestions? :hmmm:

OK, R-680 it is.

I suggest the:

1) U.S.Navy "Yellow Peril" overall yellow color scheme.

2) U.S. Army Air Corps yellow wings blue fuselage color scheme.

These are the basic schemes for most of the 2,141 R-680 engined craft that were used in the USA.

If it is not too much trouble do you think you can give us decals for the3 variants of star insignias from the prewar red center in the white star on a blue circle, the white star alone on a blue circle with no red center and the white star on the blue circle with the white rectangles on both sides? Also the red white and blue rudder. Over the years from the 1930's to 1945 there were slight variations of these basic schemes so I guess it would be up to you to select the individual plane markings you would like to offer.

Personally I would like to see the markings of the major flight training bases, like Pensacola for the navy.

Do you think you can later offer an add-on set of floats for the Navy's float version? Sorry, but i have a thing about float planes and flying boats.

In any event, many thanks for offering these wonderful old biplanes to us.


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Thanks Stephen! PM sent.


Anyone else? :)




Third variant is fine.

The problem is that there are so many versions, so many small differences (e.g. tailwheel), so big chaos in documentation.

We have chosen the PT13D version with a Lycoming R-680 engine because we had best documentation for it.

Speaking of other engine versions and the floatplane version - of course we can think about it next year.

Now we need markings...


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