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Silver Wings

1:32 Boeing Stearman is available to buy!

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Of course it ain't cad like all our productions :)


But we are working on the new technology of course...


Beats me how anyone can "work on the new technology" without being properly trained and that is crazy expensive, so I'll stick to me chisels.



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I have JUST arrived back in town from the Reno air races and airshow. I wasnt sure exactly which Model 75 you were producing......................however:


We arrived very early in Reno..........on Monday morning at the airport in fact...............and there was a Model 75 in the traditional blue fuse/yellow wing combo setting glistening in the sun right before us on the tarmac...................in full and perfect access to EVERYTHING.  I again was not sure which model SWs was producing but I IMMEDIATELY thought of Silver Wings and took my opportunity to snap almost 60 detail shots of every single thing I could. The only thing I didnt do was actually jump in the cockpit....................but still managed to hang the camera OVER the cockpit none the less.


Heres a just a few -









I have many, MANY more if they would help you.........just let me know/PM me.

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Sounds like an opportunity for some Walkarounds Brian!



Yes, yes, NP at all!


I plan on separating things out, and if you like Kev,  once I .zip things up, I can surely send them or upload them as needed.

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Out2gtcha - fantastic news from you! :)

Of course we're interested in photos.

Could you please zip them and send via dropbox?


Our version is PT13D but PT13B will be very helpful too!





Great, NP at all Simon.  :)


I guess im not up to date, as I can definitely .zip them up, but Im not sure how to go about sending via dropbox?

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Thanks Simon.  :)


I have now uploaded all 59 original pics of the Stearman to my DropBox account (huskrpwr01@gmail.com) as well as a .zip folder containing all of the zipped pics,  and have shared the folder with "silverwings@silverwings.pl"


Cheers, and let me know if you get them ok.

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