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"Lady LiL" - RFI - Foiled HKM B-25J Strafer

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Morning Ladies and Gents.


This has been (almost) as long a journey as any Ive undertaken. Its been a chore at times but in the end, as I find most models, VERY rewarding. Its taken more than 6 months, but worth every second, as I can personally think of no way better to spend that time. I love this hobby and especially this site. Im here just about each and every day..............and its the people that make this place special not just that attitude (or lack there of for the most part).


Thanks to all who followed along, gave encouragement and kept me going along the way. Sounds a bit cheesy, but all true. This place and the people who post here on a regular basis are something special. Ive made a lot of friends from all across the planet because of this site, and Im really grateful for that each time I finish a big project.


A BIG shout-out and a huge thanks to HKM + PCM for this review sample, and the opportunity to right up both an In Box Review, and Build review on this big kit.


Another big thanks goes to my foil mentor Ken Friend, as models like this would not have been possible without his vast knowledge and instruction.


Here is a link to the WIP build of the Lady, for anyone interested:


Foiled HKM B-25J Strafer ---- 345th BG Air Apaches ---“Lady LiL” WIP


As usual with my RFIs I went a bit crazy with the camera, so the thread is a tad (AKA very) pic heavy.

Thanks again guys and Ill let the lady do the rest of the talking herself:































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A freakin' masterpiece, Brian! Wow! :bow: :clap2:



Thanks Mike! Kind of you to say.




Amazing on here... Even more astonishing in person



Thanks Remington................it was great to meet you and get to hang out. Sorry we didnt have more time to hang, (as we are only a few hrs away from each other) and should hang out again. I really wish I had the money to get some flight instruction, as it would be a dream of mine, PLUS Id know the instructor personally! :lol:




Aw come on Brian, what museum were the pics taken ? Really, REALLY an amazing build my friend ! Its been a joy to follow.............Harv :m0152: :goodjob: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :punk:



Thanks buddy! We need a strong finish on the P-38! :lol: So close now!

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I would look in on your WIP thread periodically and smile. However, it was almost like I didn't want to see too much, because I was waiting for this thread to happen, all along. Seeing the last parts of the build thread would be like a "spoiler", of sorts. All I can say beyond that is "HOLY CRAP!". You have truly blown me away! :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:


:bow: :bow: :bow:



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Where is the applause smiley?


This is such a great build it should be pinned! I have no idea how on earth one could do such a flawless foil job! Where is the detailed tutorial to do so?


Congrats, mate! This one looks better than the original plane!

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