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1/32nd scale vacform Halifax - COMPLETED

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This is going to be my entry to this Group Build - the old ID Models (now Tigger) Handley Page Halifax.


This kit is the MkI/II version with Rolls-Royce Merlins. There is the option to do a MkII Series Ia too as the later nose and square fins are also provided.


I may well do this as a MkII Series Ia, but am also trying to source some Hercules engines so a MkIII could be a possibility.


Here's what you get in the kit:






Inner wing sections:




Outer Wings:




Engine nacelles, stabilisers and early/late fins:




Transparencies, including all turrets for a MkI and the later MkII Series Ia nose:




There is no undercarriage or props with this kit, so as usual it'll be lots of head scratching and scratch-building to complete this. Decals are also non-existent so the majority will be done with masks and the airbrush. Scheme is still undecided, and depending on where the build takes me a decision will be made further down the line.


I reckon this will take close to a year, so it will hopefully be completed by the time this group build ends!


Wish me luck!




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Guest Peterpools


Looking forward to following another one of your awesome projects. And of course; Good Luck

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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Holy smoke, a Halifax. I will be keeping a close eye on this as you progress.


Looking at the other stuff you've done, I dont think you need luck, but I'd rather not jinx this, so: Good luck.

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As I'm still deciding what version of this aircraft to build, I've made a start on the inner section of the wings. These parts of the wing are very similar for all marks of Halifax, so when I eventually settle on a particular aircraft it will only take minor modifications to build whichever version I choose.


Once the parts were removed from the backing sheet, I removed the main undercarriage bays as well as the three bomb cells in each wing. If my memory serves me correctly, the MkI and MkII had all three operational in each wing, whereas the MkIII had the inner ones sealed and an additional fuel tank fitted, so if I do settle on a MkIII it'll just be a case of re-sealing the unwanted cell:




This part of the model will need to be very strong as it will be the section supporting the main weight of the model once complete. Therefore, as there are no spars provided in the kit, it was a case of some thick plastic card, some careful measuring and lots of dry fitting to build the internal support structure for the wing. This had to be built around the wheel bays and the bomb cells.


Here are the undercarriage bays boxed in and the basic structure of the bomb-bays. You can also see in this picture I've removed the forward section of the left wing, as I plan to have the cowlings off and a detailed engine structure added. This will be modified depending on whether it's a Merlin or Hercules fitted in due course:






I then made the dividers for the individual wing cells. These will be stored for now and detailed at a later stage:




The next job was devise a way of mating the fuselage to the wings securely when the time comes. To do this I inserted some plastic tubing, and into this slots some wooden dowel. This will make the main spar for the model, and provide a very strong structure to run through the centre section of the aircraft:




And here is the wing with everything test fitted:




(More to follow)

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As well as having an engine exposed I also wanted to add a little more interest to the wing, so I have opened up the dinghy stowage hatch in the wing, as well as the three access panels above the bomb cells.


Using some plans I scribed the basic panel details onto the wing surfaces using my trusty dental scribe and bendy ruler, and opened up the dinghy hatch.










I've scratch built the stowage area itself from plastic card - more detailing will be done later on in the build:




And that brings you up to date for now - I'm hoping to get the basic structure of the inner wing sections completed in the next day or two.



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Would you show us how you make such precise ribs and bulkheads? It would benefit many of us, I'm sure!!





Lee :popcorn:


Hi Lee,


It was very straightforward with these parts as it was simply a case of drawing around the wing-root. The wing does not change in terms of chord throughout the length of this section; it's the same size at either end and all the way through the middle :yahoo:


The formers just had to be reduced slightly in size to allow for the thickness of the plastic, and then were fitted to the inside of the wing.


When I come on to more complex bulkheads etc. with the fuselage I'll show you my tricks of the trade... ;)



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Awesome work Tom! The more I see of builds like this the more I want to tackle one myself.


When I come on to more complex bulkheads etc. with the fuselage I'll show you my tricks of the trade... ;)


Now there's a post to look forward to!



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