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Breguet 691 / 693, project 1/32 scale resin

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What price do you project the ready-to-buy final product to be?

It is really a very good question: I don't know now.......

but, In some weeks you will know.


For these which are in the list, they will have the choice of maintain their position or they can withdraw

I  remind you that is no obligation, but if you unregister and then register again , you move back the queue



I expect we will be able to follow your Potez built after that.

I am very fond of the little Breguet but a 63-11 in Vichy colors !

Thanks, cordially.


I have enough document and technical drawing to begin the master this end of the year.



Please, Think about a 1/32 Rafale !!!!!!! Give us hope.

I have a 1/20 master for desk models but it's Rafale A



Been watching with utter fascination...please add my name to the list....do want one.   Wonderful work.

  William Lawlor




scribing on the new cowling



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The Rafale A is very nice, more... I don't know how to say but the B,C,M are very nice also and 1/20... a dream ! What difference betwin a Desk model and a kit ?


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Ouah ! Rafale A, 15,30m : 20 = 76,5cm ... !!! (but this is may be the Rafale C size) Incredible. I want ONE.

So. A Breguet 691, a Potez 63.11 and a Rafale A. I must take a loan. I am lucky,I have a very large home with lot of place for you models.


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a desk model had no many pieces as a kit.

A this scale the fuselage is in fiberglass. the wings and the details, fin, wing tip, armament,axhaust... are resin cast. The hood is in pmma .

there is no landing gear. It is possible to make a landing gear, it must be in metal (brass casting or machined metal, not white metal) because of the weight and so it will be more expensive.

A desk model must be handled with ease, no with the same care that a model kit

Some pictures, the master, for presentation, the differents pieces are not cemented.

(only assembled by brooches, brass tube and rods)

for the finished model, the polyurethane paint and varnish are used.

Ki 84 at 1/48 scale.










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Very nice. Did you expect to build one after your Breguet 691 and Potez 63.11 to make a Rafale ? I suppose it will be very well received. Please.


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Before continuing the other molds, it was necessary to be sure that the fuselage was castable.

because the thickness and many detail as main frame, frame, stiffener, the fuselage will be very difficult to cast.

Without the fuselage, it is useless to make the rest of parts.


MostlytRacer vacform the shells(1,5mm plasticard) on the master



drawing the frames, stiffeners are already in place. (I use plastic strip for frames and stiffeners, and plasticard for main frame)






the shells in the mold of master



and the first test.....theere is some bubbles, the ambiant temperature is too warm (near 30°), the resin harden too fast, bubbles are trapped. The fastcast is Veryfastcast



Another fuselage casting, made the night when the temperature is lower. it's better.

For the next, I try cast it in the refrigerator.....

Already, the last week my wife find the mold in the oven....






I've just been following this epic thread.  I have  a question:   From above pictures, how did you go from vacuform to resin? Do you have any step-by-step pics? I am just curious how the vacuform master was turned into resin. What techniques did you use? A two-part mold? Slush-casting?


Thank you in advance.

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