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Breguet 691 / 693, project 1/32 scale resin

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Thanks guys!





18 hours ago, Vincent/MDC said:

Another 6 years to wait ?





six years, it would be fast and wonderful.
I have an idiopathic slowdown(bradykinesie) that started at least three years ago and the sitting position is uncomfortable beyond ten minutes.
I must to stand up or lie down
Add to that the work on the new house the last two years the time goes fast..
The gestures are much slower and less strong and precise and the motivation is down, but posting here makes me want to continue and finish this project
I have a design problem to fit the landing gear on firewall and this prevents to continue.
In the meantime, I'm working on the pilot's canopy.

Remains to be done:
- propellers*
- engines*
- landing gear struts
- canopies*
- rear wheel
- firewall*
- seats*
- machine gun mounting
- instrument panel*

*in progress

Then mold and cast all these items
furnishings as levers, levers, radio, electric boxes, will remain to made by yourself.
Six years yet? May be less, hope it .


I return to the  workbench....

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I am sorry to hear you are suffering from bradykinesia. 

How painful  and debilitating you must feel with slowing of your movements and seizing up of muscles.... stiffness etc...





Please you take your time. And do what you are able to manage.

We will All still be here for you.


Good work so far.




MARU  5137

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Thanks Maru,




I duplicate the master of the canopy to have a homogeneous piece, the work will be easier to get a better result. I drill several holes that will receive brass rods.




These rods(0,3 mm dia) removed from the future mold give vaccum vent holes.

It's the same work as for the 1/48 FM  canopy(below)


I try several material to made vacuformed canopies, the best is plexiglas sheet but it's more expensive than petg and styrene sheets.
Tomorow,  I will make the mold, the frame is ready.




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Sorry to hear about your health's problems. Take care of your health. It's your most important objective. I'm 74 years old and waited almost my whole maquetiste's life for such model in this scale and am ready to wait the necessary time.

You gave us hope and enlightened us, showing us with your work, process with texts and pictures. For this we are grateful.

Thanks and best good health's wish. Cordially.

JP Chagnon

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Thanks guys,

today I try cast some parts, but the pot life of PU resin, initially 2.5min decrease under on minute because the warm weather.
It's not enough long for pouring the resin in the mold and put it under pressure.
After some test, I work at another part as the LDG struts.

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